Just a thought

I get my Remicade infusions at a cancer center. So, I'm in my chair and a patient gets their last chemo treatment. Nurses escort the patient to a different area and they have him ring a bell, signifying his last treatment. I was sitting there thinking that's one thing that we will probably never get to do. Just a thought.

What a nice ritual to mark the end of the chemo process!

But you are right, Sherm. When we have our last biologic treatment or shot, most likely we won’t know that it’s the last one!

I don't even know how I would react if I or one of my close loved ones got the diagnosis of cancer, or ALS, or schlerdema, or any number of diseases. Yes, PsA is bad--and REALLY bad for some, which is hell. I feel rather lucky because at this point I am feeling healthy from Enbrel and not worrying that my disease will kill me. The other side to that is we don't know if our biologic or any biologic will always keep our PsA at bay (or like Sybil commented no funding) and we will be wishing we were dead because of the horrible pain we are living with. So, yeah, it causes us a lot of concern but I've always tried to tell myself things could be a lot worse.