For those who have been on many biologics

Looking to talk to anyone who has been on more than just a few biologics for PSA. I have been on Enbrel, Remicade, Cimzia and Otezla. Moving to Humira now and feeling worried that I will run out of biologics soon.

Thanks for any feedback.

I have been on 3 so far and of all Humira was my favorite. I thought it worked really well and had no side effects. I was really sad when it stopped working.
I wouldn’t worry too much about running out. There are several more yet to try, they’re making more all the time, and learning more about the best ways to treat PsA. I think treatment will be more individualized and more effective in the coming years

I have been on Humiria, Enbrel, Simpoi, Enbrel again, Remicade all for about a year each. I got about 8months of relief with Enbrel the first time and 6 months the second time. The rest any relief was barely noticeable eXcept for Remicade about 6 months worth. They all seemed to fail quickly for me. I kept doing PT and finally went on disability as I was struggling even working 2 days a week. I had an employer who really would not make any adjustments for my disability. They made me feel old and lazy. I am much better now not working. My goals have changed over the years. I know aim to be productive and able to feel joy 50% of the time. I am obtaining this now on Stelara. I made pesto for the first time in 10 years today! I have planted basil every year but just have not been able to stand long enough to make it. I made 2 ice trays today and was able to feel joy smelling the fresh basil and garlic!

I hesitate to tell people how difficult it has been to get my PSA under control. But not many people will have this experience. My Rheumatologist is fairly certain I have had the disease since childhood so 50 years without treatment will give you a spine shaped like a question mark. This is why it is so important to treat early and treat with all you got. I also take Celebrex 200 mg twice a day and 17.5 mg of mtx sc weekly.