June 16th

So on the 16th I’m going to go “weekday vegetarian” so I can still enjoy small amounts of meat on the weekend. Then slowly I’ll start cutting out gluten on the weekdays. I know if I don’t set a date I just won’t do it. And I really need to get healthy and do what ever I can to make this better

Bravo, Kitty, for committing to doing whatever you can to help yourself get healthy. A balanced diet, mostly plant-based, but with a good amount of protein is a great basis. As for going gluten-free, some people find it helps their inflammation, while others find no improvement. There’s only one way to find out.
Eating well can make you feel better, and reduce your symptoms. Just remember that it won’t be a cure for the disease, and although you might feel better, damage can still be happening to your joints. Symptom control isn’t the same as disease control.
Good for you, Kitty!

Thank you Seenie :slight_smile: now I need to find what protein I will like (I don’t like any kind of seeds and nuts, it’s a weird fear thing) I’m actually quite nervous to be giving up my favorite foods. If it goes well for a few months though I think I might just keep it up. If anyone has good recipes and such I would be greatful because the only thing I know how to make so far is salad haha

I hope you’re talking lacto-ovo vegetarian (eats milk products and eggs) and not vegan! Being lacto-ovo is an easy adaptation. Being a vegan is very challenging.

Good luck with this!

Seenie, I could never go vegan! It sounds way to difficult although later I’m going to try and cut out dairy (dairy and MTX don’t mix to well)

Sybil, I’d appreciate that! Anything helps haha. I did have some lovely (and healthy) food today. (Since it’s not the 16th there was chicken in it) a pita bread with yogurt sauce, feta cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, chicken, and guacamole in it. Very yummy! I could have eaten twenty of them haha

Thanks Sybil, I hope I get into it! I really do! (Hopefully I lose a little weight as well haha)

thanks for the suggestions Sybil! Ive actually been very good at it and haven't cheated haha hardly had meat on the two days i am aloud to. My parents found a lovely recipe for chickpea burgers and it made the whole thing worth while. Starting to feel like I can actually do this! Although i get random sugar cravings once in a while. I also eat avocados as a meat replacement in some meals because they are just so yummy! Hasn't helped with the pain much yet though. I do hope it will help me lose a few pounds! It should help along with a membership to a local swimming pool!

I hope swimming works for me! still kinda worried about what i will look like in a swim suit haha and you will probably like the burgers :)