Is it PA or something else?!

This might sound silly, but my PA is rather mild, so I really don't know what it feels like. It's basically only in my fingers, occasionally my toes, and possibly my spine but I don't know. (My spine hurts.) But, my left elbow bothers me on and off periodically. For me, PA is always with flair ups. So basically, for 5-6 weeks, a flair will happen in my fingers, they will swell, and have all the typical PA symptoms. But I read so many of you have various pain and symptoms. How do you ever know if it's your PA or something else? Thanks everyone :)

It’s a reasonable question. If it’s inflammatory, my assumption is that it’s PsA.

I'm with Stoney - if it's related to inflammation, especially in joints, I assume it's PsA.