Increases heart rate!

I have just taken my fifth dose of methotrexate 7.5 mg/week. My arthritis is still there but i think it is getting lesser in severity, and my ankle takes a little longer before it starts hurting( i mean when i walk). The thing after a little argument, i began to feel a heavy heart and increased heart rate. I had these symptoms before MTX on some occasions of stress, but this time the high heart rate is persisting. My blood pressure has become a little higher also. Did anyone taking methotrexate have similar symptoms of increased heart rates.

Sounds like you should contact your doctor today! This seems like an odd effect, and the type of thing that I wouldn't want to sit on. Let us know what the doctor says.

My blood pressure and heart rate rise when I am in pain. I have not noticed a similar rate increase with Mtx. Sometimes the pain is not very intense but both rise quite a bit. I expected a small rise with a little pain but that does not seem to be the case for me.

While i was on mtx i had some cases of feeling a flutter in my heart and on occassion would feel my heart rate was too high after working out when in the past it would not be. I mentioned it to my rheumy and she said it wasnt because of the mtx. either way i am not on it now and have switched meds