I hate my sensitive skin

I have a rheumy appt on 1.25. I intend to ask her but I came here because I’m miserable.

Just before Thanksgiving, I was given Doxycycline for an infection. Three doses later, I had an allergic reaction, including the wonderful Doxy rash from my chest down my arms to my legs and feet. My arms looked like someone undergoing dialysis or an IV drug user. It took two steroid bursts, a ton of Hydroxyzine, Benadryl spaced during the day and most of a tub of Triamcinolone before I noticed some relief around Christmas.

I’m still having trouble with my skin, sort of needle pricks that turn into itching. It will prick my upper right arm, itch, then there’s a needle prick on my left leg and itch, then maybe it’s my chest with a needle prick and itch.

I’ve had a bout of heat rash on my stomach and a bout of what I think is a stress rash (I’m recovering from a two-week long asthma flare that scared the crap out of me thinking it was COVID). I do intend to ask about the stress and heat rashes in 10 days.

I’ve used most of a tube of Eucerin Calming Cream. Any other bright ideas?

Anything oat based. I don’t know if you can get in or out of a bath but putting some porridge oats in an old pair of tights and tying it off and letting the bath water run over them and then soak in that bath can help ‘calm’ skin issue, very much so. Otherwise any other oat based skin products.

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I agree with the suggestion of an oat bath as being very calming. I’m sorry that you’re having a rough time with this. That sounds simply miserable. It almost seems as though it’s a fibromyalgia type situation in your skin. The rash seems as though it’s set off a hyper sensitivity response in your skin, that it seems as though it may be taking some time to recover from.

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Wow that does sound miserable and concerning! Can I ask what else are you taking as regular meds for PsA? Sounds like your whole system is badly stressed and overreacting to something. Sometimes a reaction like you have had leave lingering issues that weren’t previously a problem. Our messed up immune systems can be “stable” until something knocks them off their balance and then all sorts of things can pop up if that makes sense. BUT I am no expert, hope you find a solution quickly!

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I feel as if I am always the bad news but I reacted horribly to oats. I have no explanation for this. I have experienced the needle pricks and itching. At the moment, Taltz is helping but not exclusively. Lots of vitamins B, E, & D and non-comedogenic lotions. I am also taking a low dose of prednisone. Perhaps, you could also consider Benadryl? Best of luck!


I very much sympathize with you. I’ve also been struggling with prickling, itching, rash and sometimes hives. I’ve tried just about every cream available. After going to see both the dermatologist and allergist/immunologist I was told that my immune system was out of sorts. Here’s what has worked for me…as far as topical creams I use Sarna (original) cream. It takes away the prickling sensation (at least for a bit). (Really useful at bedtime.) I am currently taking hydroxyzine, Allegra and Pepcid. All are antihistamines. For a while when it was really bad I was also taking Montelukast/Singular. Those in high doses stopped the itching/hives for the most part. Now I’m on a daily low dose of each. As a side bonus, the antihistamines really stop any injection site reaction that I used to have with Humira.
Hope that you start to feel better soon.


Oh my! I had no idea you could get a rash and one as severe as yours from Doxycycline. I’m glad it’s finally getting better. May I ask why you’re waiting 10 days to ask about the stress and heat rashes? I hope you’re stress subsides and hopefully give you some relief from the rash.

Stoney was right. I’m having a fibromyalgia/neuropathy reaction as a result of Doxy/stress/maybe just because. I think it’s Doxy allergy/stress/being off my Lexapro (I ran out).

I didn’t know until Tuesday that nerves firing indiscriminately could also cause rashes. I do now. Anyhoo, I’m back on Lexapro and taking Lyrica twice a day for however long it takes, but probably not forever.

What I know is I’ve been taking Lyrica since Tuesday night and my stomach and chest are nearly clean of rash. I’m also not having that pin-prick itching and sleeping better. Rheumatology did warn me that if I have a setback, I may be seeing an Immunologist to check my histamine levels.

You folks and my rheumatology practice are worth your weights in gold.


So great to hear it is getting resolved. This forum sure is worth its gold eh?

I’m gonna tuck away that little tidbit about rashes and nerves / neuropathy. How interesting our bodies are!