I found this blog the most informative on diet and inflammation by prof Ayers esp posts on auto immune issues

Cooling Inflammation

Inflammation is the foundation for cancer and degenerative/autoimmune diseases. Small changes in diet and exercise, e.g. omega-3 oils, vitamin D, low starch, plant antioxidants, and maintaining muscle mass, can dramatically alter predisposition to disease and aging, and minimize the negative impact of genetic risks. Based on my experience in biological research, I am trying to explain how the anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle combat disease

there are over 170 posts based on his reseach in cell biology. Google it - Cooling Inflammation. there are many very detailed posts and comments regarding his approach to diet and lifestyle changes which support reducing chronic inflammation

the post - 'What I learned last year 'dec2009 has some interesting points and is a good place to learn if you are interested in this approach to disease. this biologist is not selling anything - so it is quite different to many on the net, academic rather than a marketing strategy. It helped me understand and gave me faith in the principles which I have applied , which so far seem to be paying off.