I am super mom! Protecting the Munchkins of Brattiness from the evil forces of the oozinggrossness!

Its been a rough month my PsA is out of control, the meds are not helping at all, the swelling and pain is intense, and the levels of infection in my blood has gone up and not down and I had been considering going back into the hospital because I have no energy left..... but then comes the plague of oozinggrossness.... and no matter how bad I am feeling my babies are sick and they need their mom. Lucky for them mommy mode kicks in and runs on automatic! Suddenly I am able to leap coffee tables in a single bound to wipe the nose of a toddler before he uses his sleeve because in mommy mode I am to busy caring for and worrying about the munchkins of brattiness to even realize how bad I actually feel.

Our 14 year old came home with a terrible cough and a fever 11 days ago to which the response was here is your medicine now go in your room. Son I love you but your on quarantine until your better and for the love of goodness do not breathe on the little ones! Well as any good brother would he decided to share ...of course when you tell him to share his toys he acts as if you have beaten him with a cactus as he fell down a flight of stairs while on fire... but he will happily and willingly share his germs. So this plague of oozinggrossness was given to the 11 month old and the 2 year old and now the fun begins!

The little ones share a nursery but not this week...no this week the little ones were transformed into parental leeches actually being physically attached to our persons day and night and sleep while needed was not in the cards. But after five days of them sick and two of them well and no one else falling ill we considered ourselves lucky. Weekend comes and goes and we get a bit ahead of ourselves, we think HA! this time the plague of oozinggrossness has passed and only three got sick. GO US!

To our utter dismay the plague of oozinggrossness was only in hiding and Sunday night our 15 year old starts coughing and loses his voice, now granted a lost voice will save on the phone bill but him being sick is so much worse because in this house the oozinggrossness can go in circles from person to person for months at a time.

Monday morning arrives and our now healthy 14 year old is on his way to school taunting his oldest brother who has caught the plague of oozinggrossness and looks like he could play the lead role is a movie about infectious diseases. So we issue the same warning... here is your medicine, we love you, now go in your room until your well! I will send dad out for another 500 popsicles and when your hungry let me know I will make soup.

Not five minutes later I come from doing the dishes to find said infected child laying on the couch with his little brother and sister who are so excited that hes home from school happily crawling all over the couch with him and his plague of oozinggrossness... PANIC!!!! Out! Out Out Out! go back to bed son! We just got the little ones well! You are going to get them sick again!

Bbbuuttttt MMOooMMM! I am SOOooooOOO bored! Its boring in there and I am lonely and there is nothing to do....

Son you have a computer, a wii, a tv, 4 different kinds of gameboys, and if all else fails an entire shelve of books to read and models you can build! There is no possible way you can be bored. Now seeing as this lonely child is the same one we have to drag out of his room for human contact when hes not sick I am certain he will be fine so out I send him.

I start gathering the laundry feed the cats clean up the spilled sippy cup and head back into the living room to discover hes back again! The child infected with the plague of oozinggrossness is apparently so lonely that hes suddenly become a very active member of the family willing to share his germs with everyone. Sigh...

The little ones who were sick for five long days and well for only two are now sitting here on Tuesday morning with fevers, coughing and their noses are oozing more oozinggrossness then before...The oldest is now so ill hes not got the energy to come out of his room apparently having shared his oozinggrossness must have been exhausting..ARGH!

Today our 14 year old still healthy as can be is bouncing out the door to school to the sounds of a crying sick baby sister, a whiney sick little brother, a grumpy sick oldest brother, and parents who look as if we were starring in a zombie flim to the chorus of stay away from anyone who looks sick and when you come home do not under any circumstances go near your brothers or sister!

Yepp the plague of oozinggrossness has gone full circle and is making a second turn. As much as I can't wait for the kids to be healthy again I am worried because I know as soon as the plague of oozinggrossness has passed the automatic mommy mode has shut down and the adrenaline rush of super mom is gone I am going to really regret having not taken care of myself. But for now I am super mom protecting the munchkins of brattiness from the evil forces of the oozinggrossness!

HUGS to you!!! It’s amazing the forces we can battle when in mommy mode - and how much we pay for it afterwards. I hope your body takes it easy on you!!!