Hello everyone. Does anyone know what the consequence is is skipping a dose of Humira? ive been on it for 6 months, some weeks I have been pain free then i had a very bad flare up for roughly 6 weeks. Ive been ok now for the last 2 weeks however now am missing a dose of Humira as my script has not been renewed. I should have had my shot today and dont know when I will have my next one

Why has your script not been renewed? If its a problem with a mail order pharmacy etc Most Docs offices have some "samples" they can use for "bridge medication" Call 'em (a day or two shouldn't make a difference)

Hi JoJo

I am on Humira also,I get mine from the manufacturer and sometimes the Renewal process takes longer than usual and I run out. I was able to get a bridge prescriptions in the past as tntlamb has said. I tried to do that this year and the Dr. was no longer allowed to carry them in his facility(major hospital). You can probably make it a few days depending on all the variables(how much pain what joints how severe etc). Unfortunately options become limited and it seems that when you need the medicine the most,is when the medical and insurance companies move the slowest. I wish you the best and Stay Well

Hi Jo jo please call Abbott and I am sure they will help you out. I misse 2 shots and it caused a huge flare . I had to have a steroid shot to get it under control. I started having a recurrence of symptoms within days of missing my shot. I hope you get your renewal soon :)