Humira pen problems

Fresh from my rheumy appt and excited to start humira I went to inject and had a misfire. The pen sprayed and dose wasted. I tried to call the hotline but unlike Enbrel it is not 24 hrs and have to wait until Monday. Against my better judgement I went ahead and used the second pen and it went off without a hitch. My question is does anyone have experience with humira hotline will they replace the old one? I know my insurance will not cover an early refill and I have been looking forward to seeing results finally.

I'd have done the same as you Rachael and used the second pen. I've not had a misfire myself but I guess it happens alot so I'm sure they will be pretty adept at getting another to you ... and you've got two weeks if they do need a bit of persuasion. Let us know how you get on when you ring them Monday ... and my fingers are crossed that this works quickly for you.

BTW, have you had to wait long between stopping Enbrel and starting Humira?

Thanks for the speedy response, not really an emergency but I can’t believe it happened. Took Enbrel for 5-6 months and zero issues related to injecting so this was not exactly the way I wanted my journey with humira to start. I skipped 1 dose prior to my rheumy appt because I was due for refill and didn’t want to waste money knowing I would be switching. This also was my way of truely judging that Enbrel was not working for me. If nothing changed, which it didn’t, I had more confidence giving up. Timing was good to start with over a week break between the two. I will surely let you know what I hear from them. Hopefully no hassle and am staying positive this will work out.

I just wanted to share I feel like a miracle just happened! I have not called the hotline yet, plan on that later today as it is 5:30am, but yesterday was the best day I have had in well over a year!!! I woke up a little groggy today as I overdid it at an event walking and had injections in my toe joints on Friday’s appt as well, but my pain levels are about 50% lower everywhere. I am in awe after one dose of Humira, hallelujah!!!

I should mention that if I rated my improvement yesterday morning I would have said 80%!!!

O. M. G. ! Fabulous. Have a great Monday.

Thank you you Jules and Seenie! I spoke with a nurse and the quality dept and that had no problems relaxing the pen al all at zero cost to me. Very nice and enrolled me in their ambassador support program, doubt I really need it, but good to know I can get help as needed. This provides inject support, financial assistance etc. The pen should arrive in plenty of time before my next dose which is great. I also have noticed a 50% improvement on my P and no longer scratch at elbow at all! High hopes! So glad I finally decided to make the change!!!

Sorry, stupid auto correct…! I meant replace the pen all at zero cost.

I thought they would probably do that. I’ve heard tell of similar situations before.

Isn’t it wonderful that you seem to be reacting so well to the Humira!

Thanks! The initial boost seems too have lowered some but I know I overdid it on Sunday. Still seeing changes that surprise but I also had injections done on my feet/ toe joints so hard to weigh in on which one is working on my feet. Swelling is down but bone pain there. It’s early and I would be happy to have even a day every other week be good than where I have been for so long, lol!!!

Ugh, Rachael, I'm wondering if my feet have the same damage as yours. My left foot has been hurting worse and worse, and tonight I'm nearly in tears! I guess I'll message my doctor and see if there's anything he can do for this. At this rate, I feel like I won't be walking eventually! I'm just thankful my right foot isn't as painful.

That is great news Rachael ... I hope Humira continues to work and work for you ... happy dance :-)

Update that even with working with Humira pharmacy and notifying my rheumy I am due to inject today and still no pen. Very sad face here. I emailed my rheumy and even received an email back that she would approve no problem only to hear from the humira people that they have only been told she’s out of the office. Once she approves the one time pen I still have to set up a delivery. They are not open on weekends so going to be next week earliest. I can already tell my joyfull releif starting to fade and pains creeping back. It’s like a big tease. At least I know that once I can use regularly my life is going to be sooo much better!

Omg Rachael! How unlucky can you be???? Did anything happen today? I see you posted your comment early this morning, but I suppose if you didn't get it today you won't get it until sometime next week. I'm hoping the Humira got into your system good enough that it will keep working for a few more days. It's too bad the doctor didn't prescribe a weekly dose for the first few months. At least you'd have a couple extra doses on hand.

Sorry you have to worry now, when the Humira started working so fast and you were starting to feel so much better. I hope you're okay!

Thanks for the reply and yes I am feeling very unlucky right now. After I posted I left a message at my rheumys office and heard back yesterday morning that they just faxed the approval over. Seeing how I was at work I couldn’t call humira’s pharmacy and they never called. I had to run a couple errands after work and by the time I made it home they were closed. So now I will have to wait till Tues earliest. My toes and hands are starting to swell up and stiffen which sucks because I have to work OT Sunday. I just keep reminding myself it’s temporary and releif is coming but the disappointment of over ten days not being long enough to receive it is frustrating when both know I have been suffering so long. I just hope it works wonders again and trying to not let it get me down. I will definitely let you know what happens.

Maybe if you take a lot of anti-inflammatories for these next few days while you're waiting for your Humira, it'll help that swelling and stiffness. I mean, around the clock nsaids. And your ice packs and heating pad. Idk what else you could do. If only the people in charge of getting the order in and getting a shipment of Humira to you understood how awful you feel--here we are again, another case of people not realizing how bad PsA can be!!!!!

I know, right? It’s funny because they are the ones we expect to be the most knowledgeable about this disease, rheumy and bio company not to mention the hundreds to thousands of dollars they make off us individually!!! Got the ice packs already freezing again, I actually made it 2-3 not needing them at all, simply amazing! Advil and indomethacin on hand. Thinking I might just treat myself to a glasses of wine or a drink tonight too!

So excited! The pharmacy actually called just now and I will have my pen for sure on Tuesday for sure! A little waiting but at least I know. Happy dance, ouch, can’t happen fast enough!

Received the pen today, four days late for injection. Very excited to hopefully still have the same results! If not I’m in trouble feel like I am back at square one now look too with all the same swollen joints.

Yay :) Hope you get swift relief, Rachael.