Enbrel Misfire

Hi all

Anybody had a problem with an Enbrel misfire? It went everywhere except where is was supposed to. The needle scratched my skin and there was a lot of blood.

I've had a lot of trouble with the injections lately because my hands and wrists are so bad. Saw my Rheumy last Friday and I now need to get splints. He said that the Enbrel should be helping.

I've had very mixed results. One week it seems to work with only a small amount of inflammation, while other weeks I'm in pain again only a few days after the injection. Overall though, it is helping.

My Humira pen misfired last week,I contacted them and they sent me a new box of pens for free. Not sure what happened but the medicine was sat on top of my skin,I sent the pen back to them,I guess they want to find out why it happened.

My Humira pen also misfired a couple weeks ago. I had the same thing happen to me as Lindseylou did to her. But, Humira also sent me new pens for free. Do you have anyone that could help give you your injection? I always have my husband do it because I get way too shakey and nervous trying to do it myself :) Hope you feel better soon! Well wishes to you!

Wow....I never had that happen in the past but I did have times it would take 2 or 3 tries to push the button. I did drop my needle on the floor before when I had to fill the syringe and the company told me to dispose of it and they replaced it for free. I hope you feel pain free soon!!

ditto. My Humira did and the Company sent me a voucher for a free pen.

the auto pens are known to not work well and cause the problem you have described. I changed to the normal prefilled syringe and have had no further problems.

I had a misfire with Humira once but it wasn't the pen, it was me. I was a big chicken about stabbing myself and didn't make contact when I hit the button, instead it just sprayed all over my leg. :) I'm a goober.

funny...brought memories...I have chickened out also with needles ;}

Hi All

Thanks for the replies, so glad that I'm not alone :) Have to admit that I got very upset about it and of course that would be when my mother decides to give me a call...lol... Didn't think about letting them know that one of their pens misfired. I did try to call them last night cause I was so upset. I'll call them on Monday. Don't mind if I don't get any freebies but a replacement would be nice.

morey91409, unfortunately I don't have anybody to help me. My hubby and I are separated and I don't think I could ask my kids. Mum suggested that I go to my GP every week. Thinking that might add up a bit. Might see if I can get a house visit from the Enbrel support peeps - they may have some suggestions.

Have a great weekend!!!

Uh Oh, I went to a new rheumy yesterday & he is putting me on Enbrel next week. Now I'm nervous about it. Hope it works. But we will stop the MTX. Ya!!! That upset my stomach so much. I will just try & be careful with the Enbrel.

I have been on Enbrel pen for a couple of years with no misfires. Good luck!

When I started enbrel it was great but the last 3 months of injections the pens wouldn’t inject or took two or three clicks to get it to work. I’m taking remicade instead because of the injection site reactions and my inflammation rate was higher then it was when I started treatment.

I had to get someone to help me with my injections because of the multiple clicks. I could click it once myself but more then that and I couldn’t handle it. I hope you fell better soon.