Does being a few days late with huira make it not work as well?

I am often a few days to a week late on my Humira. It doesn’t seem to be helping with my swelling. I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with this, or is the Humira possibly not working as well anymore?

I often move my humira day a bit, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. I keep it at about 2 weeks on average though - if you were consistently doing 2.5 or 3 week intervals, it is likely to have an impact.

The dosing itself is just an amount that the most people responded to, not necessarily what would be best for you though, so you do really need to talk to your rheumy about it.

I’ve been on it for a few years at the same dose. I use to be more accurate. I should talk to my Dr.

A week late will reduce the available medication by 50%. It takes a min of six weeks of on time dosing to have your medication half life 25mg. You are well below therepeutic levels.

I was moved to weekly. If I miss or am more than a day late, I start having issues

Thanks for your responsrs :slight_smile:

I notice a big difference when I am late with my Humira, which has happened a few times when I have had to take antibiotics or been sick. Why have you been late on yours?

Sometimes when I am sick, or I forget to order it. I am starting to put a notice in my calendar on my phone now. I did have a steroid shot last week and it didn’t take the swelling away like usual.

I was about to suggest a reminder on your phone! That's how I do it myself. :)

I'm sorry the steroid shot didn't help. I've had them be very helpful on my heels, but the ones in my fingers did virtually nothing after a week and I had a big rebound flare in those joints... I think getting the right meds in place is really the only thing that works, unfortunately, aside from heating pads and such. All of my medical team tells me that, anyway.