20 days since my last Humira shot and symptoms recurring

Hi everyone. Today is day 20 since my last shot. I came home from holiday sick and doctor and rheum nurse said no humira until you are finished your antibiotic and are sure you are better. I am so tired today. I had forgotten about the fatigue. I have not even gotten dressed today. Pain wise I am not too bad. Very stiff though. It's all I can do to sit up and type this. I am waiting until Monday or Tuesday to inject. I hope I do not get worse. I am quite surprised at how fast (5 days) it took for symptoms to surface again. Anyone else have a similar experience? That's it my rant for the day. Back to the sofa or should I say still on the sofa but getting prone :)

I wIsh I had anything valuable to add except - so sorry for your pain/flare - and it sucks!

I had a random flare of the knee pain after prednisone had worked for a month. It was so discouraging - my mood swing lasted longer than the pain. And I’m still in the exhaustion phase too.
Hang in there. You’ll get your mojo back.