Humira - What to expect?

I was just diagnosed with PsA, but think I have had it for a very long time. I am going start Humira injections soon. What can I expect? I'm hoping I can give myself an injection! I hope it helps with the pain too. Would you share your experiences with me?

Hello, again! First, you may want to use the search function a the top right of the screen. Enter “Humira” and see what comes up. There are a ton of great discussions on it.

To answer your question, yes, Humira should help with the acute pain of PsA. Pain from joints that are already damaged will need to be controlled through other treatments like PT, exercise, NSAIDs, or, if need be, pain management.

Humira is pretty easy to administer. The doc usually sets the first injection up so that you have a nurse to help you. Subsequent injections you will do on your own. The needle is small, so it doesn’t really hurt, but the mediation can sting for a few seconds. It helps to take the med out of the fridge about 30 minutes prior to injection. Also, make sure that the alcohol that you use to wipe the area prior to injection is COMPLETELY dry.
Unfortunately, it can take a month or three before you feel the full effects of the drug. Many people feel effects after a few weeks, some need to wait longer…you never know. Until that time, you can work with your doctor to find other ways to control your pain.
I loved Humira. It was my wonder drug for two years. It stopped working for me and I had to switch to another biologic. It was great while it lasted though!
I hope you get some good relief from it too!

Humira is great for me. 90% improvement when nothing else I tried touched it. I use the autoinjector because I don’t like needles much - easy to use, can’t see the needle, small sting - I look forward to my injections once every two weeks because I know how sick i
I’d be without them!

Thank you for the replies! I am anxious to try the Humira and see how it works!

I just had my 1st dose last week. Praying for the best