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I am a 53 year old with PSA, as of this past July, I was started on Humira, Methotrexate, And She wrote me a script for some pain meds Hydro's7.5 The Humira and Meth, do not seem to last a full week, and I take the Pain Meds to help with the Bad Days, I was woundering if I could go to a stronger Pain Med, Like a Narco 10/325, I read on here where someone was taking them with all there other Meds and it helped, I really think I have had PSA longer than July 2012, as so does she? But seems very hesatant to precribe Pain Meds? I will not see her till June, Should I try and get a sooner appt, and be straight with her as I still Have alot of Lower back, ankles, Feet, and hands pain, The Humria, and Metho, seem to help very Little, she has had me do MRI about 2 months and said I have alot of art, in back and Ankles, I am not good about asking to increase my Meds, with out acting like a Drug seeker? But I need help, As I seeem to be slipping into depression, I am tired of Hurting, and not being able to Do the things I loved so much, Like working in the Yard, I am still working Full time as a Firefighter, And it has be tuff at Times to Get things done. I would Love to be able to work another 5 years, But Need something that works, Longer than a Few Day's, at first the Humira cleared up My skin, And started to ease tha pain some, But now its like it has hit a wall.

Probably getting the disease under control is your best bet. There are a lot of problems with daily use of narcotics including increasing pain. You also may need an anti depressant, lots of us do as they also help with pain without the side effects of narcotics. Are you doing PT yet? Excerisecing in a warm pool 88-92 degrees does a lot for pain as does hot tubs. Good luck, I have had it for 50 years so know pain control is possible!

Antidepressants can help quite a bit, many of us take them. Also, getting the disease under control will help your pain more than anything. I take narcotics as an adjunct to my disease therapy. Hang in there, once you get your disease under control things will look up.

Can your doc prescribe some prednisone to help right now?

Pain meds might be acceptable for short term use, but for the long term you need to get the disease under control. It can take time for the meds to really hit their full level, but don't be shy about asking about whether the meds need to be adjusted. And yes, depression can be a part of chronic disease, so don't be shy about bringing this up as well.

There are times that I go into my rheumy preparing for a fight. But she has always been very responsive when I have told her my situation, and that things don't seem to be under control.

depression Med's I have never taken, What are some they may precrib? I really do not think the Med's she has me On, are working, although My skin has cleared up, Its been almost 1 year being on Metho, 10 pills a week at onces, and about 4 months on Hurmia? I have horrible pain in ankles and feet, They keep me up at night, or if and when I fall asleep, they wake me up. I am so tried of hurting, I have always been the 1 that does all the yard work and remoldels, I can still do but it takes alot longer, and then I want to just colaspes Tired all the time, Depression is creeping on me, I know as I punched a vacume yesterday, and Busted up my Right Hand knuckles pretty good, I just flew off, Its Because I hurt and can not ascept this Horrible diease. Some days I just want to screem, I think back when I was in Great health. I would love to subside the pain and range of Motion, and ease my Mind, I think i am going crazy at times. And sometimes I fill like my wife just does'nt understand how much I hurt. I am not a cryer, but have broke down in the shower, She listen's to me but I know I sound like a broken recored? I just wish My Dr, could get the meds right, sometimes I fill like she gives me what works for others and I keep telling her its not working, and there she goes out the door to the Next Patient? I read on here about people having there's in remission, I dream for that day.....Thats why I found this sight, and so Far its been a Blessing. Just reading what outher people are doing and whats working for them. I think I can spend hours on here searching post, reading, and chimming in and ask qustion sometimes. Sorry to ramble But this also ease's my Mind, But what works for some does'nt always work for others. Thanks for the replys, I need help or I am going to go Crazy I fill.

Marietta I can not take predizone I have taken it before and Puck My guts out,

The tricyclic's are most commonly used amitriptylene being the most common. If nothing else it WILL make you sleep. Incresed narcos will ultimitly increase your pain. I'd ask you doc about some injections and or patches for those peripheral joints. Pain meds almost NEVER work out there. You are almost to the point if Humira is going to work, you should know it. Some times a predi burst at this point gets things calmed down. It will come, it takes months to find out if a combo works But the cool thing is, once they are on the right track, things fall into place. If you look back, you may be surprised how much you have improved. You may hurt like hell and it may be driving you nuts,but suddenly realize you hurt like hell in a lot fewer spots.......

Its not that your doc isn't paying attention to you, she is looking at different things. Pain being relative is not usually one of them. In her initial exam she determined some points of inflammation and is tracking those. If those areas are improving and the P is improving, the rest WILL come along and they can start to key in on specific areas.

As many others have said long term opiates can increase pain and have a host of other problems. With that said it is also inappropriate to fail to treat a patients pain. Pain is described as the 5th vital sign and should be addressed. In my opinion there is a difference between Norco and Oxy....short acting weaker opiates are a different animal (7.5 mg vs. 10 mg hydrocodone is rather minor if taken as prescribed). In a perfect world everyone would be able to take the time to manage their pain in a holistic med free manner but many have to work and function regardless of having this disease. To be expected to suffer for months or years in pain in this era of modern medicine doesn't seem right to me.

Anti depressants are a good idea too. I have also taken them and found that they have helped me a great deal. Sorry to rant about the pain meds but it just bothers me to hear of someone suffering and not being listened to by their doctor.

You should always be straight with your doctor. They can't help you if they don't know how your feeling. Be honest about your pain and even try to explain about the fear of being labeled a drug seeker. If you feel the medication is not working maybe your doctor can increase amount. I am on a lot of medication for my pain so I know how frustrating it is to be unable to do the things you did before.