Human Growth Hormonw (somatostatin) therapy and PsA

My brother has been telling me about people he knows who are having success with HGH therapy for arthritis and sports injuries... Have any of you guys heard anything about this? There seems to be a fairly even spread of yea sayers and naysayers, from what I have seen....

I'm going to ask my Dr about it asap.. If it would only work for e1

Good luck with that. Prescribing outside of very tight parameters will cost him his license and possible prison time. The side effects are extreme and in fact cause conditions very much like RA. The med is so expensive and so regulated much of whats out there is counterfit. makes the AMA look like NORML. There is no split just a bunch of jocks, body builders, and has- beens having a midlife crisis hoping for a miracle, and trying anything to legitimize it.
Karen said:

I'm going to ask my Dr about it asap.. If it would only work for e1

It's all over the internet though, Lamb... you are right... it's the new "Wonder Cure".... I don't know how you could get it prescribed for anything except pituitary tumours or maybe children with chronic renal failure... *shrugging my shoulders*

That and bunch of other stuff. SEO is an amazing thing why scamers and pornographers are better at it than the good guys is beyond me