Well, I’m not trying to do a Lance Armstrong. But I’ve read some interesting research on the possible imbalance of dhea and GHG in those with autoimmune disease, and worse in those who have taken prednisone long term (incl me).

Anyone else had experience in this space?

First of all understand Lance Armstrong has gotten a real raw deal. DHEA and HGH are building blocks of some critical hormones. (The sex hormones androgens and estrogens are the most obvious) He had no way of producing those hormone on his own. Part of his great cancer come back involved the removal of the organs that produced those hormone. Of course he had to shoot up, otherwise he would have been wearing a Bra and had a changed voice and no adams apple. I have more respect today for him than ever. He took crap that should never have had too.....

But I digress.

Yup they can help IF you need them and the only way to know that is if a real doctor prescribes them and supervises their use. Buying a bottle of supplements isn't going to help and may well hurt. (they aren't the real deal) What isn't commonly known is that use of these things shuts down the natural production. leading to some interesting physical changes. Even with the BEST supervision its hard to keep things balanced. Its harder in women. I get levels done constantly. My wife of nearly 40 years is thinking I need to take a dip in the secretarial pool, shes had it.

Thanks lamb - yep, I’ve got a real doctor taking levels - so we’ll see how they come back. Even if they are not right, I’m a bit worried about taking them because intuitively their use would shut down natural production (like pred does with cortisol).

You got it. ANYTHING that shuts down your natural function is not a good thing. Its a pretty easy with a guy.. You need only say your testicles will shrink to the size of a peanut (and don't mean in the shell size I mean peanut)which they do. Now a guy is going to look at risk vs benefit through a different set of eyes.

With ladies one of two things is going to happen they will either grow a lot of hair in place where they don't want it (beard arm pits pubic OR rampant (PMS) symptoms.