How to stay working

I have been diagnosed for 2 years now and the constant doctors appointments or tests that have to be done on top of feeling horrible are taking their toll on me and my job. I take Remicade and it works but does not get rid of everything. I had fatigue and severe joint pain before Remicade but now I have such severe vertigo and dizziness while driving I am thinking driving the hour to and from work is dangerous. I love love my job and am only 32 I want to keep working but how do you all do it. You fix one thing and another comes up. You try to juggle being a professional and so sick you want to cry. I worked so hard for this career and right when I get it this happens.

Whatever you do do not quit your job. Have them let u go for not being able to perform your job. Because it makes a huge difference down the road if u have to apply for disability. I am very close to getting fired from my job. My pride says tell the company to kiss off but my attorney said whatever u do don't quit. Let them let u go. Mine is due to memory issues.

That is good advice. I will keep that in mind. It is very hard to get through the day sometimes though. Sorry you have to go through this aksi.