Hip and rib pain

I was diagnosed with PsA a couple of years ago and the Humira kept it down for a while. But several weeks ago I developed pain and stiffness in my lower back/hip area and in my ribs. My ribs hurt to the point of not being able to take a deep breath and the pain makes it difficult to turn over in the bed. I am waiting to see my rheumatologist about this issue but wondered if anyone has experienced something similar.

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SI joint pain and indeed all and any rib are both a gift of PsA sadly and even more sadly both are extremely painful. For me the rib pain can be the worst because as you say you can’t really breath properly and turning over in bed is horrendous. Ice and heat alternating every 5 minutes for 30 to 40 minutes can help it ease down. So can anti-inflammatories and pain killers. Hope you don’t need to wait too long before seeing your doctor. Sounds like you might need a meds review.

Thank you for your response and the good advice. The rib pain hits a 10 on the pain scale when I attempt to move in the bed. It also aches when sitting at my desk. I have always been active in Taekwondo but I can’t train much like this. The lower back/hip pain keeps me from standing up straight for a couple of minutes after I stand up and is always there. I’m dreading what’s coming next with this awful stuff.

Most likely a meds review. There are more and more meds at our disposal now, so keep positive.

Thank you, I will do my best.

I’m not sure how long you have to wait for your appointment, but if it is months I would head to my GP and / or / then physio just to rule out anything else - you might get lucky and it is something with a relatively simple fix, and at least you will have started down the process for when your Rheumy says “have you tried…?”

PSA can be very painful, and I’m sure some people do get it top out their pain scale, but I must admit I’ve never had it as a 10. A broken rib whilst trying to laugh on the other hand….

Haha! Been there done that too! My rib pain is not a constant 10 but can feels like it when I move certain ways. It’s normally an aching feeling but it lights me up when I move in the bed. The back pain does the same thing with certain movements and is stiff when I stand. My Rheumatologist appt is on Aug 31 but I’m trying to catch a cancellation now.

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You might help facilitate things if you have your GP send you for x-rays as the rheumatologist will likely send you anyway…at least you will have them on hand if you get in on a cancellation. Hope it goes well!

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I will do that since I still have a few weeks to wait. Thanks!

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Im experiencing the same awful pain in lower back and hip. I was diagnosed with PsA about 5 yrs ago.
We’re in the middle of winter here in New Zealand and Ive been so looking forward to summer coming and my hobby metal detecting.
Looks like I’ll be struggling.
Im on Methtrexate and up until recently Ive managed pain-wise, other than the joint at base of my thumb which aches like a buggar all the time.
I try not to take anti-inflamms unless absolutely necessary.

Sorry for your pain. One thing you will find, or at least I did. Much pain in lower back, left hip and ribs. Fortunately after some time it should on elswhere.

Ask your rheumatologist about Costochondritis . It’s an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum) . Pain caused by costochondritis might mimic that of a heart attack or other heart conditions - it sure feels that way for me. Heat helps, and lidocaine patches.

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@MillieB I’m dreading winter coming here soon. I have found that some days I wonder where all the pain went, then suddenly it’s back with a vengeance.

@Jamie3 this stuff is awful. I’m learning to avoid any triggers and that is a learning process in and of itself.

@Faye I will do that. Wouldn’t surprise me if that is what it is since my right Achilles heel is inflamed too.

I’m on a whole range of meds. Many of them for other conditions but all caused by PA. I had an allergic reaction to oxycontin and couldn’t take that anymore. I’m on 25 mcg Norspan Patches, Lyrica and Panasine Forte for pain. Then anti inflamatories, methotrexate, Taltz injections (Biologics), Blood pressure medications, Blood thinners etc etc. Although I’ve almost become a walking pharmacy. I’m still upright. By the time I was diagnosed in 2007 I could barely walk to the front door.

@Jamie3 I’m sorry you are having to deal with that. I haven’t taken anything for the pain yet although it’s starting to wear me down so that might change. I’m beginning to see and feel just how debilitating this disease is :frowning:.

Many rheumatologists won’t prescribe pain killers. For chronic pain they really aren’t the best option. Before there’s damage, it’s really important to control inflammation, and use disease modifying meds, including biologics.

It’s important to work with your doctor on optimal disease control. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have any pain by the way.

@Stoney I’m trying to stay away from the opioids due to their addictive properties so I’m just dealing with the pain for now. I’m an Iraq Combat veteran so even this disease is tolerable compared to that tour in hell. On my worst days with psoriatic arthritis, I can say that at least I’m not getting shot at and can sleep and bathe every day. The rib pain reminds me of waking up in the desert hurting like hell because I slept with my rifle under my side. I’m hoping my rheumatologist can pinpoint this new pain I’m having and maybe adjust my biologic. And I’m really hoping he can slow down or stop any further damage.

As a veteran you may be even more aware than the general public about the concerns with opioids. I’ve only used them in the week past surgeries, and not even all surgeries. I actually just asked my doctors if a surgery is a painkiller surgery or just an anti-inflammatory one now. Rib pain sounds miserable because obviously every time you breathe it is likely causing increased pain.

When I have an increase in pain that hits a specific area and doesn’t go away, or causes swelling, then that’s when I’ll go be seen.