High WBC with immunosuppressants?

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone else has had a high WBC on immunosuppressants. I currently take Enbrel, Methotrexate and Prednisone, and last week after having my labs drawn my WBC was at 13.1. Now call me crazy, but shouldn't my WBC be more on the low end instead of high? I don't have any type of infection right now, so it's not because of that. My rheumy told me not to worry about it, but the more I think about it, it doesn't seem right. Any input is much appreciated.

happens mine WCB is up and down all the time. It is in the normal range for being on bios. If you spike a fever then you know you have an infection. MY WCB is normal almost all the time. I get a raging infection by symptoms. Never by bloodwork. You just have to be vigilant. Fever go to doc or emerg. It will work out

I am on humira 40mg every 2 weeks and MTX 25mg weekly plus a host of other meds for hi BP good luck don't worry.

The biologics suppress TNF's so it shouldn't effect WBC

MTX on the otherhand is designed to bat down WBC when treating arthritic conditions a high WBC COULD indicate it isn't working (or working enough)

Nobody knows HOW sulfazine works.

Using any of these drugs makes running a fever hard, If you have one YOU ARE SICK see a doctor.....

As 2trees suggested your WBC will jump all over the place. I wouldn't get too excited if your doc doesn't. It will vary as your blood levels of MTX vary.

Possibly because PsA makes ones blood boil, I wonder if we could get a study funded

tkrlady said:

....... I am sure mine goes up during flares

take care

Thanks for all your input. I know the MTX isn't doing much for me, so he upped my dosage. He also told me he doesn't think the Enbrel is helping at all with my joints, but since it is helping with my psoriasis he's going to keep me on it for now. My swelling is pretty bad right now, so maybe that accounts for the high WBC. Kinda scares me what my WBC would be if I was on no meds at all though. Thanks again!