August 2015

My white count is low and I'm looking rather pale. Will get another lab test in 3 weeks. Either methorexate or enbrel cause the drop in WBCs. Don't know what I will be on if it continues to drop.

That’s a bummer, Moxie. I’ll bet you don’t feel so hot either. I hope things get sorted soon.

Grrrr! Don't you just hate it when drugs cause problems. Let us know how it goes Moxie, because your question will be relevant to many, including me possibly. And good luck.

Hey, Moxie, I just noticed your blog. I'm in same boat--my rheumy wants to check my WBCs in September. They're already below normal, and he was quite blunt to say if they go any lower he'll take me off Enbrel! I don't even take MTX, so wth is going on here? My god I must have a wimpy system. I was thinking of taking my Enbrel less frequently, like every 10 days instead of every 7 days. I did take my last dose 2 days late, so Sunday instead of Friday. So now I'm debating whether I should wait until Tuesday or even Wednesday to take my next shot. It's so scary thinking of going off Enbrel when it works so well. :-( I started taking Flintstone Complete vitamins--hey, don't laugh, my wimpy stomach/liver/whatever can't tolerate adult multivitamins!!!!

I’m in the same boat too. About to take 4th dose of Enbrel which is already working brilliantly. I feel fine (apart from a reoccurrence of hot/cold flushes) but the doc wants another blood test next week as my WBC count is low.

Hope you get this sorted and start to feel better soon.

Whate count is barely in the normal range now--I cut down on MTX and I think that made a difference. I can't go without it completely ---my fingers start to swell first--then body aches come. Enbrel and MTX together or nothing I guess. I am tired of this..just tired of it all.