Helping Hands

Thanks to Tony L Sydney (member of AVM Survivors Community), for initiating this discussion "Helping Hands". It received several great responses in the AVM Community.

How about you? Is there someone here, or in your family or in your workplace - who has helped you in your journey? If your journey has just begun, is there someone riding the storm with you now, who you would like to thank?

We love to hear your stories.

Great idea!!!

There are so many people in my life now whom I thank often for their help and support.

The first thing that came to mind when I started thinking about this was that I'd like to thank the people who in the beginning were completely unsupportive, didn't believe "arthritis" could do what I was saying it was doing to my body and my mood and my energy levels and my ability to function - it is these people who pushed me to learn about my disease, pay closer attention to my body, and to be more of an advocate for myself and for others with chronic illness. I'd like to especially thank those who took the time to listen and try to understand, and who became some of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders.