Hi All,

Sorry have not been on in a while.

Just wondering a few things .....

Does any one here take Enbrel if so is it ok to take it if you have a flu (waiting to hear from hospital tomorrow), some things I have read say yes and others say no.

Third and final question has anyone had washout for Arava if so what does it involve and are you in hospital for it?

Thanks in Advance to anyone that can help X

When I had the actual flu (high fever, VERY sick) I would skip an Enbrel dose. For anything milder, I would not. Some people never skip a dose. Some people stop for every small thing which leads to poor treatment as they start and stop frequently.

What is washout for Arava? I am on Arava, and have never heard of it.

No info, but wanted to offer HUGS and I hope you feel better soon!!!

Hi Carolyn,

Good to have you back :)

I was on Embel for a whil and the only time I stopped is when I had a chest infection that would not go away. Once it cleared up, I was straight back on it.

I have never heard of a "wash out" for Arava, but I do know it can affect your liver and digestive system quite badly. Which is why I had to stop taking it.

I hope you are doing better, and as Nym said, HUGS! (Careful and gentle ones of course!)

I hope you feel better soon! I won't even venture to guess on your question though. That's one for your doctor. It it were me, I would wait a couple of days until the worst of the flu was over, then take my shot.

You asked about a washout for Arava (leflunomide). This medication stays in your system for a really long time, like 2 years. So, if a woman gets pregnant accidentally, or if there is a serious complication, they would need to do a washout. Not quite clear exactly what it entails, but my impression is that it takes a few weeks and really isn't pretty.