Help with my splitting nails, hang-nails and sore fingertips......PLEASE!

I'm having a difficult time dealing with my fingernails and cuticles.

The changes they go thru when in a flare is crazy! The nail beds have changed drastically over the years. Where I used to have a nice curved nail bed now some are flat. I have the nail pitting too. But when I'm not in a flare my nails are strong and grow fast and I can wear polish and they look reasonably good.

I don't mind not having them long and I'm ok with wearing them plain, no polish. But I can't stand when they split down the middle over and over and I cut them back to the skin!

My fingertips hurt quite frequently and when the nails are that short there is nothing to protect that skin from being bumped. The skin feels burned and is red, super sensitive and painful.

So does anyone know of any topical product that will strengthen my nails??

And my cuticles are forever creating "hang-nails" that stick out and get caught on things.

Any miracle product for the cuticles?

There is a new salon product called Shellac. It is super strong like an artificial nail, but goes on like nail polish (and looks like nail polish, many colors) and stays looking perfect for weeks. A friend with really weak nails started getting it done and she's been able to not have her nails split and crack. You might want to look into that. I think it is not that expensive to get.

I've really wanted to do it myself but I have psoriasis on my hands and it flares when anyone fusses with the skin :(

For cuticles, get a good cuticle cream or simply rub some olive oil on them many times a day OR coat them at night before bed and put cotton gloves on. The deep treatment will help! :)

Thank you! I've been using vitamin E oil on my cuticles and it helped somewhat. And I use coconut oil to bake with so I've used that at times. But I wondered if there were some special product that people have come across. Then again the natural products are probably best. And cheaper!

I'll have to look into the Shellac.

Thanks again!