Weird fingernail stuff - not painful but "different."

I'm curious to know if any of you have experienced this. My pinkie finger developed a long white line down it, that looked like a white ridge (different than the look of the other ridges I have, sinc it was white and they are clear.) Lately I notice that it has cracked on the upper layer of the nail. The crack runs the entire length of the nail. It's like a hairline crack on the top level of a piece of porcelain.

I'm a little worried because I have some very prominent ridges and I'm worried they'll follow suit and pretty soon the nails will all bust open. You know, like the Aliens, :o :o, only in your fingernails. I know, silly, but some of those PsA fingernail photos on the web are pretty horrifying, quite honestly, and I worry about developing them. Yeah, I know, worry, worry...

Also, have had a fit light pits and several ridges in the nails but I notice now that some nails are flattening on one edge while raising on the other edge. The raising is, coincidentally or not, right at the ridge. I feel like I'm developing little Howard Johnson roofs over my fingers (that steep pitch they have.)

Also, a little yellowish brown right at the edge of one or two nails.

Does any of this sound familiar? Just curious if it could be PsA. Nothing earth shattering at the present.

"Also, have had a fit light pits"

Oops, sorry, meant a few light pits.

("Brain, brain, go away, come again another day.")

Hey Petunia Girl,

Mine are pitted, ridged and have what the DC refers to as 'spooning'. If you look at the tips of your fingernail, it is waved, That is the spooning. Sometimes they do chip and peel, and they are flat in spots.

I have to chop up my toenails all the time, they would surely split open if I were not constantly doing surgery on them, they come up like a roof, so I chop into the sides of them!! I boil and light the tools before I begin, it's a wonder I can still get my leg and foot high enough to work on them, gets more difficult as time goes by! What a sight that must be! LOL!!

Here we go, this will tell you all about your nails...

Sounds like you need some vitmins, girl! May just do the trick, I am using the knox. Seenie and Reid told me about that!! The limp is getting a little better!! I also take good vitamins!!

Hope this helps! Keep laughing, Pet, we'll figure all this out!! Ha!!


They could be psoriac nails fromyour description. Fungus on finger nails is pretty rare unless you are in food service, healthcare, housekeeping etc and wear gloves a lot. However psoriac nails don't always mean psoriac arthritis. (although most PsA folks usually do and usually its toe nails.

Before you invest in a manicure or acrylics get 'em checked out. Acrylics won't stick and if a manicurist buffs the ridges off, they can get awfully thin.

While I don't do lipstick, my wife has me get some nail work done (no polish) as I do show sewing machines in her quilt shop, and I don't want my hands to be a distraction. There is a nail builder kind of polish that her repair techs use in the repair shop to build up worn plastic parts that fills in and streghthens nicley. She gets it pretty cheap at Target.

As far as supplements for nails go, its hard to beat jello shots as a way to get your gallatin.

they may or may not be PsA nails. High ridges on your nails to not indicate PsA nor are they common with anyone with arthritis. Anybody can have that type of nail. This I just learned from the Derm at my last Rheum appt. The brownish discoloration could be an oil spot. nothing to worry about.

Thanks to all. I'll write more later, just frazzled today. Yesterday brought my dog to the vet,thinking he had a minor eye irritation and found out he has glaucoma and probably needs the eye out. The enormity of it has hit hard today.

Also getting ready to go to the rheumy and am nervous. Will feel less so after seeing him, I think. Will write more later.