Help understanding blood test results

I was worried about starting Enbrel along with Methotrexate because my liver enzymes are already out of the normal range. My ALT went from 56 in March to 91 in April. My AST went from 45 in March to 78 in April. Someone with more experience might have an idea wheather or not I should be worried?

What does your Doc say???? The individual numbers have some meaning but the ratio is important. generally a ratio of less than 1 is indicative of Obesity, diabetes (pre-diabetes), or hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol.) Sometimes thyroid figures in too. (PsA folks often have low thyroid adding to the fatigue) All things we all struggle with...........

Your doc is the best judge though

From the bleachers, I guess you don't want to hear exercise and diet huh?

Ask your doctor for sure they are in the normal range still. but make sure he is aware of the hike.

Are you taking muscle relaxants because they can play havoc with you counts, they did with mine. When I quit the relaxants my liver counts went down. good luck.

Pie in your face TNT. I am running and screaming at diet and exercise. I already am on the program!