Ast function

Started Enbrel 5 weeks ago, and my liver enzyme has increase by 40 pts. Is that normal?

Are you on MTX as well? It's certainly something to be concerned about.

I was on Humira and it didn't work at all, so they took me to Mtx and I've been on that since last Oct. March they put me on Enbrel, and am still taking the Mtx.

Enbrel is not usually the cause of elevated liver enzymes, it is usually the mtx. Be sure not to drink alcohol while on mtx as that will make it riser faster and higher. Mine shot up once and my mtx dose was reduced to 22.5 mg a week so my doctor allows me the occasional glass of wine and my livewr enzymes have not risen.

Nope, I don't drink at all. I am hoping that it will not continue to increase. I have upped my water intake. I will see what happens when my blood is tested in July.