Heated Throw and more: Hands-up!

Just taking a quick poll.... As I type this I'm snuggled under a heated throw blanket with ice behind one shoulder blade and a heating pad on the floor at the ready. Just ordered a heat/massage chair pad (neck to booty).

Heat and ice are my friend. How about you?


Heat always everywhere except if I have over worked my hands I ice them. And if it is 102 degrees in the shade!

My heating pad is my best friend!

I use ice only when it's absolutely required. But the heating pad is regularly used. And a LONG hot shower is always welcome.

Heating pads at home and the office. Right now, it's for the spot on my left flank. Tomorrow, it will probably be somewhere else.

I also have an electric blanket, which I may be under tomorrow night and Thursday (allllll day meetings).

I just bought my first ever electric heating pad. It is a neck / shoulders one. This week it's been laying on my knees while I'm at the computer. Cold packs from the freezer if I have tendon pain that seems to need cold vs. hot.

I sleep with my heating blanket on all the time. Heating throw my new friend. I also use hand warmers, the kind hunters use when the hunt in the cold, on my hands when I am out. I can blop them in my pocket and let the heat go into my hands.

Looks like I'm the only one that likes using ice packs.

I love my heating pad, also have a heated mattress pad. The heated massage chair pad sounds wonderful

Heat for me! Hot clay packs, heated throws, and a heated blanket for the bed. If I get cold, I can’t get warm and become soooo stiff!

Heat for me also, and a massage chair.

Frances, I like ice packs on my elbow and hands. I keep them here on my desk at work. Also ice on my shoulder blade almost every day. The Enbrel is shipped with white plastic gel blocks that stay cold for hours so I use those.

I use the heated mattress pad at night and heated throw blanked and heating pad all over. I have always been hot-natured so my family laughs at this new change!


I use my heating pad, especially if I am stiff. I only use ice when my joints are on fire. I did have a heating pad on my neck and ice on my knees last week.

I LOVE ice packs. Mind you I am under several quilts with ice packs on different body parts, my husband doesn’t quite understand ice and the quilts. I have found heat did not help much except for showers or hit tubs. The ice seems much better for me. Good thing I live in the north!