Electric heating pads - suggestions?

I am about to invest in my first ever electric heating pads. I've used the warm-in-the-microwave type for years, I have many sizes for various areas, but now I need something with heat that lasts longer. I want something that plugs in and stays hot while I watch TV or sit at the computer or read a book in bed.

I ran across this neck / shoulder one on Amazon, which looks pretty amazing:


I'm not sure what to look for in an electric heating pad, honestly. Any suggestions? Any brands to avoid / definitely buy / sorts of controls / length of cord? Any help would be appreciated.

I live under my electric throw (bigger than a heating pad, smaller than a bedsized blanket). Makes all the difference!

The electic heating pad sound great! I took a peak at the one you are looking at and it seems really nice. I don’t have any myself, I really like the freedom of the microwave pads, because I never have to look for an outlet! Just make sure that you try to find some reviews about how well it holds up over time and that the auto shut off timer works well. If it doesn’t shut off correctly, it can damage your skin, and nerves under the skin. I guess that’s especially important if you plan to sleep with it. They should all shut off after no longer than 2 hours.

Let me know how it works for you. I’m curious!

I got one on the clearance rack at Tuesday Morning. It is soooooo soft and fuzzy. And warm. And snuggly! If you can’t tell, I love mine :slight_smile: Its so nice to have a manageable size for relaxing on the couch.

Piganli said:

I live under my electric throw (bigger than a heating pad, smaller than a bedsized blanket). Makes all the difference!

I have 2 sunbeam heating pads I picked up at Walmart. I keep one on the couch (it's furry cover is beige so blends in ok with the couch!) and one in the bed. I turn them on when needed and they shut off automatically after a couple of hours. they both have a spongey sheet that lies on top of the pad but under the cover that you get damp at the sink there by making it moist heat. On really cold nights I have taken both to bed! I am such a swinger!

I also have an electric heating mattress pad. I love it. I got it from Lands End. The heating pads from Target.