Heading to Mexico for vacation - Mask on plane? - Other precautions?

I am currently on Remicade. I would like to hear from others thoughts about wearing a surgical mask on the plane during the trip there and back. Would it be overkill to wear one?

I have talked with my doc about meds for the trip. He is prescribing me a Pred dose pack (in case of a flare), some strong antibiotics, and some anti-diarrheal (just in case).

Any other suggestions folks?

The air on airplane thing is a myth. Its is better quality than any you can find in enclosed spaces. It is highly filtered and exchanged much more often than say an office. (older planes are an exception)

However unless the water in mexico says "Pacifico" I'd skip it. Filtration isn't adequete. If you are more comfortable wearing the mask do it just remember you will be breathing deeper,

Hand sanitizer can create more problems than it solves soap and water is far more effective. (sanitizer has at best a 90% kill) Conditions vary widley outside od beach resorts some TP and seat covers are always handy to have.

Hey Sherm, I am jealous, I would love to heading somewhere warm! Where I am today it is a balmy 4 outside. I am a frequent flyer usually traveling 2 to 3 times a month. Just traveled cross country yesterday. I am also a germaphobe but I always have been even before the biologics. I do not wear masks on planes and have not gotten sick since starting my biologics several months ago. I am a software trainer for my company so I am in classes all day with people all over the country that come to classes sick or not so I don't really think about people I'm on a plane with.

You can carry liquids or gels on a plane if they are 3 ounces or less and they must be in a one quart ziplock bag. Each person is allowed one bag. I don't carry the liquid hand sanitizers but I carry disinfectant wipes instead. It works better for me as I can just throw them in my purse and don't have to worry about them. Cleaning crews do not clean certain areas on the planes! When you get on the plane the first thing you should do is wipe down the arm rests of your seat and the tray table top and bottom - those are 2 of the worst places. Also the bathroom door handles - everyone thinks about the one going out but the one you touch to open the door is almost as bad.

Another tip if you are carrying meds be sure to have them in their original containers with your name on them. I usually don't have touble traveling traveling within the US with my pills in a pill container but I did have problems a few months ago returning home from the Bahamas. I also carry an epi pen because of a severe allergy and had a stupid TSA agent in Texas try to take it from me because it was just in my purse, fortunately his supervisor let me go thru with it. If you are carrying your biologics with you make sure it is in the original box in a small cooler. The soft, small ones are the best. Do not use the gel packs to put in your cooler, it has to be one of the hard blocks.

GrumypCat is right about the water and ice! Also remember that if you order something like tea or coffee they are made with local water not bottled.

While I am a germaphobe, I am not a worrier. When I first read about biologics I was scared to start them with my job but I would never change what I do, I love it so I just go about travel as usual but I try and be careful and always have my trusty wipes handy as not only planes but I have hotel doors, phones, alarm clocks, you get the idea, I wipe down anything I may touch in my hotel room. People should buy stock in disinfectant wipes as I spend a small fortune on them!

Have a great time on your trip and want to hear all about it when you return! I haven't been to Mexico in several years and my husband and I are thinking about going there in the fall - depends on how many vacation days I end up taking with these new grandbabies!

Sorry, gave my opinion as a frequent traveler.If some of you travel more than me then you probably have better ideas, please let me know what the are.

Thank you all for your information. We have travelled extensively in the Caribbean prior to my PsA diagnosis and Remicade treatment. We normally go to Negril, Jamaica in the Spring but some friends of our came up with a smoking deal to hit Puerto Vallarta for a week. We prefer Jamaica as most speak Englisn and the island has come of the best water filtration in the Caribbean. I have never gotten sick there. Mexico, however, is a different story. Every time we have gone there I can count on being down for a day. I take all of the usual precautions: bottled water, NO mixed drinks - just beer, stay away from buffets, etc. If it were up to me we would be heading to Jamaica again, but the phrase "Happy wife, happy life" comes into play. She made the choice. Hopefully this will be a "lucky" trip. Thanks again!

I'm a fan of the otherside myself but if you must do PV, make sure if you are a music fan to hit Nacho Daddys. Its a House of Blues Type Place with a local flair. Joe King Carrasco is the main player but they have some of the top North American acts.

Beware the local beaches....... they have a live sewage feed just north of the Hotels. We usually take a day tour with Las Caletas Its a bit pricy at 100.00 but it includes all you food drinks etc. They sail you out on a catamaran and the beach side massage are wonderful AND you don't have 9000 local vendors selling chinese crap to you you.

In any event we have used these guys a lot: http://www.vallarta-adventures.com/tours/las-caletas-day-trip. One thing most anyone with PsA can do is ziplining. its a great way to enjoy the Jungle. There are some great canopy tours/opportunities in PV. Some of the inland stuff is pretty interesting.

Thanks for the tips tntlamb. We have been to PV in the past. Heard about the Las Caletas excursion. Isn't that the beach the John Huston owned at one time? Have done the zips, horseback riding, jungle excursions, etc. Taking my wife deep sea fishing for her first time. We should be able to see whales migrating this time of year while fishing.

That's the place. Whale watching is fabulous this time of year....... Haven't ever been fishing out of there I'll expect a report! I'm afraid we are lazy travelers and hate to make decisions so we cruise a lot.

Last time we fished out of PV the four of us hauled in over 50 Spanish Mackerel. Tasty!! We had to stop taking cruises when our last bar bill came under the door at $800. I just about had to get the paddles. Found out we are better off at all inclusives.

Thats prolly the best of cruising... Sitting by the Pursers desk the last night watching the folks who lost track. You can buy a booze card now. Now if we could figure out a way too control the casino......

I prefer an all inclusive when not cruising though.....

After a few cruises we discovered that if we found a port that we wanted to spend some time at, we didn't have the time to explore. We really enjoy Jamaica - the people, laid back attitude, wonderful food, etc. We can take a non-stop from ORD and be on the island in about 3.5 hours.

I saw this advertised on Sunday morning and found it interesting. All of the reviews I have found seem positive. Has anyone here tried this:


It looks cool, and the theory behind it makes sense. I wonder if its similar to ColdEze? I’ve read some reviews for that, and people say it actually works. So do the reviewers of the Halo Germ Defense. I guess I should get some to have handy. If they can help prevent and shorten colds, then that is pretty nifty? Thank you for sharing the info!