Headaches from inflammation?

Does anyone have a lot of headaches? I have them pretty much every day. I am wondering if they are caused by the constant inflammation. I take naproxen and extra strength Tylenol but they barely help. Been taking them for months almost every day. My rhumetologist said I have to talk to my family doctor to deal with the PsA pain so I’m going to bring up the headaches, too. Just wondering if the two are related.

I think taking Tylenol everyday can cause headaches doesn’t it? I remember people warning me of taking too many painkillers for my headaches when I was younger…

I pretty much constantly have headaches… migraines, tension headaches, light sensitivity whatever… No idea if inflammation might be causing it too…

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I looked it up and studies have shown that psoriatic conditions do indeed cause migraines. The Tylenol is really the only thing I have as a defense. I can not stop taking it or I will be completely debilitated. I’ve heard of rebound headaches, too. But it really can not be as bad as this.

You may want to consider speaking with a neurologist who works with headaches. I finally have migraine medicine that works. I’ve recently developed nocturnal migraines as well, so we came up with a plan to minimize them using proactively.

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What medicine works for you?

I use a triptan for a rescue med. It was the second one that I tried.

I had daily bad headaches and light sensitivity. Not migraines. Flonase and cauterizing the ducts that tears drain out of eyes from cured the headaces. Also good sunglasses.

Hi,not sure about your insurance carriers.Traditionaly your rheumatologist deals in treating your pain…and should know about the headache.The pre screening is your family doctor.Given that a neurologist is in order for your headache.In addition the family physician is your first line person to get a referral, but not the doctor to treat the disease of psoriactic arthritis.They should know about it, and they should know about the drugs to treat it when u go in for a cold etc…

Dear Kmwestmo

I too suffer from terrible migraines so bad they stopped me in my tracks!!

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and sent to a face pain specialist. After various brain scans they found inflammation in my left Trigeminal nerve which caused headache and sinus symptoms. It is treated with initially gabapentin and changed as my psoriasis flared up with pregablin, which manages the pain well. I asked if this was related to PsA and they could not give me a definite answer, so you are not alone with headaches.

Hope this helps.


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I’ve had migraines since I was 12 or so. Recently they got out of control. I used all my sick days up and finally my doc referred me to a Neurologist. From what I’ve read, the longer live with migraine the more they apt bro get chronic. Started Amgality this month. Hoping for results. Literatures says it takes a few months of treatment. I’m getting silent migraines now— but it’s an improvement. I was dx with Vestibular migraines.