Had First rheumy apt yesterday!

Yesterday arvo I met my rheumatologist and I have to say she is a breath of fresh air! She is on the ball, doesn’t fluff around, but she is caring and very empathetic! She asked me to give her a detailed description of my history and symptoms without sparing any details. She then examined me with a variety of tests on my joints and my finger nails. She said she was sorry to say that I have psoriatic arthritis and she thinks my form is predominantly spondylitic. She has ordered numerous bloods (incl for that gene), a full spine and SI joint MRI with contrast, and CT guided cortisone injections into both SI joints. She has put me back on naproxen and prednisone (instead of mobic that GP put me on) and gave me information to read on methotrexate, which she also explained to me. She has booked me to see her in another 3 weeks with all the results and if the pain is still there she wants to put me on the methotrexate. Overall she was very informative and caring and I feel like we have a game plan finally! I’m sad it’s been confirmed that I have PsA but happy I have found the right specialist on my first attempt! I have a lot of confidence in her. Now fingers are crossed and my journey begins…

I’m very glad for you! It is so important to have someone who understands and is sympathetic. I have yet to find one. Maybe at U of M. I had mixed emotions when I finally did get a diagnosis. Finally felt like someone was listening and believing me; at the same time I felt grief.

Appropriate care is so important! So congrats!

Yes While it’s very hard to hear I have PsA, I am very grateful I found such a great rheumatologist! Thanks for all your support guys!