Great Rheumatologist in Lowell, MA

Hi for all the people who live in the Area of Massachusetts, there is a great Rheumatologist by the name of Dr. Joel H. Epstien. He cam highly recommended by a doctor friend I know, also other people I know have him as a doctor and say he is wonderful. So I decided to try him out this year and wow, he listens to you and he lets you make decisions, during my last visit he gave me two options of medications and weighted out the pro and cons of both and let me decide. He did not try and cram pills down my throat. He will not sit there and hold your hand though, he is a down to business type of Doc. so don't let that throw you off. He is not warm and fuzzy but he is really good at what he does. and besides I have had the really likeable dr.'s and have found that they are more like a used car salesman than a dr. So if you you are in the area and need a great Rheumy check him out.