Can someone recommend a good rheumatologist in the Philadelphia area?

I was diagnosed with PsA over two years ago. At the time of DX, my symptoms were manageable. I currently see a doctor at Jefferson, but want to see what other options I have able.

Im nor sure exactly where you are located but I see a doc who is affiliated with Holy Redeemer, her name is Lori Walton. The practice is comprehensive arthritis. Telephone # 215-■■■■■■■■. Its off of 2nd St. Pike and Welsh Road. I really like her, she knows what she is talking about and listens to my concerns. I definitely recommend her.

thanks! It that over in the northeast? I'm in South Jersey...

I like to use this link, I found it very helpful:

Dr Parvisi at Jefferson did my hip replacement surgery.. He was excellent and I have recommended him to another who was so pleased with his THR that he went back to have the other hip done a year later. Dr Metzler (also associated with Rothman in Phila) seems to be a good Rheumie although i only went once so far .A Dermie recently recommended two Rheumies in S Jersey who have specialized ultra sounds for PsA DX.

I currently see Dr. Mendoza and I have an appointment on 1/22 with him. But with my symptoms getting worse, I want to see what my other options are. Thanks for the names. I'm going to check them out.

Dr. Jennifer Kwan Morley is with Main Line Orthopaedics. They have practices in Collegeville, Malvern and I believe Exton. She was with Main Line Rheumatology but changed practices. They may open an office in Phoenixville which will be great for me. She is great and I was happy to find her.