Dr Michael Rezaian...."THE BEST"

I have to say I would highly recommend my Rheumatologist, Dr Michael Rezaian, located in Martinsburg, WV. I was very fortunate from the beginning to get the referral from a trusted friend, and have had only positive results from my office visits with him. He is the first doctor I've met that understands what pain can do to a patient, and will not hesitate to listen to all of your questions. He has a wonderful bedside manner and is soft spoken but very intelligent and up to date on the most recent treatments. I believe he periodically goes as far west as Ranson, WV as well. I have no trouble driving the 30 minutes from Maryland to see him. He's a **** doc!

I'm so happy for you! It is truly a blessing to have such an understanding rheumy. Thirty minutes is not far to drive for good advice. I, too, am happy with rheumatologist, and she is a 2 hour drive away. No problem!

He is also my Rhematologist! Love him! he is also Assistant Professor University of WV.


He is also my doctor! I am lucky that he is only about 5 minutes away from where I live! I also work at City Hospital, which is actually now WVUHEast. He is like a Dr. House!

I wish he was my doctor! And I take back what I said about my rheumie: I’m not so pleased these days. A year of this dmard and that, and when I asked for more aggressive treatment, she said I wasn’t severe enough. Then the hip pain sent me to my orthopedic surgeon and he says the damage is inflammatory. But the rheumy isn’t going to have a hip replacement next month … grrrrrr. OK, that mini-rant is off my chest. :wink:
It is so nice to hear good things about good docs! That’s exactly how I feel about my knee and hip guy! He’s amazing. A really good doc makes all the difference.

It just so happens that he is the ONLY one in our area!

He is also my doctor. I live in Martinsburg so he is convenient. He seems very thorough and his office hours are so easy to work in to any schedule.

It looks like we have a few people in my area. Nice to know.

Hmm. Thanks for posting this. He would actually be closer for me than my current rheum and my mom lives in Charlestown, so she could go with me to my visits easier. I’m traveling 1.5 hours to my. Urgent guy. He is pretty good, but the distance can be frustrating.

It is great to hear about a good rheumatologist that someone has a good experience with. That is how I found mine and I love him!!