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I live in Seattle, and get a lot of soreness when the storms move in and out. I am currently in Michigan, getting my son settled into college. We drove from WA to MI, and I was concerned about the humidity. It hasn't bothered my joints very much at all. I wonder how much of that is that it is in August, and the I figure that the winters would REALLY bug my joints. I was walking a lot all over campus, not a big one, and the bottom of my feet were sore, but my neck didn't freak out. Anyone from the Great Lakes Region? How do you fare in the winter?

My family is from back East Ontario, Canada however I've been raised on the Coast. My mom has arthritis and said that the West Coast weather is worse for her arthritis. I can't compare as I have only lived on the Coast however I do know the dampness here on the Coast is tough. When I have traveled to both Cuba and Mexico I have been pain free.

I live in the Western NY region and the winters are somewhat of a challenge. I had considered moving, but the double edge sword at least for me is that I have also noticed that my body has not tolerated the hot weather very well at all. I have family in California and Florida and I think the heat has been was worse for me. So if I was to compare the two, I actually feel that from a whole body experience, I think for at least now I tolerate the colder weather better than the heat. I will let you know how it goes come this January though lol

I grew up in Wisconsin, and have PsA since I was 10. The weather in the Midwest was hell for my joints. I now live in the Seattle area and I feel better here weather-wise. We moved to Arizona for 2 years to see if that would help me, and it didn't. The heat made me worse. I have lived in the San Francisco area, and felt best there, but it was too expensive for us to raise our kids there. Seattle is the 2nd best place.

I want to add that I am *extremely* sensitive to changes in barometric pressure, so where I live is critical. When we have more dramatic changes here in Seattle (spring and fall), I can be stuck in bed on pain meds. Once the change happens, I'm up and back at life.

I live in the Seattle area and I can feel the storms coming they can really cause havac with my psa where I’m stuck in bed popping more pain pills then normal

It sure makes it difficult to figure out. I almost feel like a normal person during the summer when it is warm, I thnk that when I retire I will rent a place in san Diego for 6 mos and see how it goes. Humid heat is NOT good for my bones!

Kristen! I am over on Bainbridge!

Hi Kristen! I'm over in Sammamish. Where are you?

I belong to a great Meetup group on the Eastside, called Eastside Lupus and Autoimmune Support Group. If you're close it would be great to meet another PsA'er sometime!

Kristen said:

I live in the Seattle area and I can feel the storms coming they can really cause havac with my psa where I'm stuck in bed popping more pain pills then normal