Good news

Recieved a job offer for full time work with benefits. Currently working contract and pay for everything myself. Can’t wait to work out salary numbers with them.


Wonderful - congratulations!

congratulations!!! that is wonderful news. I am happy for you :slight_smile:

Oh well done, that’s great news :slight_smile:

I had to turn down the offer. I had a great interview and was able to get through it without showing any of my PSA issues. They called back the next day and asked me for my salary expectations. After a few days we could not negotiate out a fair price. They wanted someone like me with 8 years experiece but only pay them a salary of someone coming out of college. In the end we were only $5000 apart but I could not accept their offer even with the benefits I wouldn't be able survive.

It was the first job I turned down in my history. It actually feels like a good experience to hold out for what I believe I am worth. After all, I am currently employeed making more money they they offered, but without benefits.

This is great news, JJ! So glad for you and your family! Hope you are well!