Follow up

Ok, so I'm still without insurance and still symptom free with the exception of a few spots. I have one month of meds left but again was unable… more like very afraid to take my meds last month with a very bad head and chest cold and fever for 3 days. I had cold symptoms for quiet sometime so I didn't want a relapse.

I have an appointment on monday to meet with DPW for health insurance. They denied me insurance at first. I had to get information from my doctor, etc., and i am now we will see what monday brings. The joys. Regardless, I am making progress.

I am feeling really well. I have made significant changes with my diet, did a 24Day Challenge with Advocare, am taking supplements, doing more exercise cause I can..I have more energy than ever. I haven't had a flare since last winter… Yes, I'm knocking on wood. I'm hoping this will continue with the regimen I'm on.