Flow pain

I had to go to the Dr. yesterday. The night before the pain was bad! A hurting body rush. Anyone experience this? Before I had control of the flow, now I don’t. I’m twenty feet from the bathroom. I used 6 diapers yesterday. I’m very frustrated! Friday I get an ultra-sound, and we go from there. Thank the Lord for this community!

You were already Tired of Pain, and now you have more. I’m sorry. I’m glad you went to the doctor, and it’s a very good thing that the doc is getting this checked out. I’ve experienced bladder and flow pain only when I’ve had a bladder infection. Oweeeeeee…
All the best with this. Did the doc give you any meds to ease the pain?

He asked me if I wanted any med’s? I told him no. The meds I take now makes me dopey. I don’t need more. Plus after awhile you get used to the pain. Six years of 7 to 9 pain makes one dull to any meds.