Was I imagining the pain?

So I've had severe pain for the last 7 months in my S.I. joints.. I woke up with barely any pain today. Now here is a new thing to worry about -- was I imagining it all? Do I still need to pursue treatment?

Here is the conversation I imagine...

Doctor: Where does it hurt?

Me: Nowhere, I'm feel great.

Doctor: Well, it looks like you may have been imagining things. There's nothing wrong with you.

Me: (sigh)

Doctor: I'll make a note and see you next time when you have real issues (just kidding here).


Frenchie, that's great! Maybe your SI joints, besides being affected by PsA, had some additional inflammation that's going to let up! You know the pain was real, but I know what you're saying about someone thinking it was all your imagination. They seem to "imply" that diagnosis when they can't figure out the true cause of the pain. I had pain around my rib cage a few years back. Not being able to figure it out, my doctor told me maybe I was wearing my bra too tight.

Today is a day for celebration for you! And, be careful not to overdo it cuz that's easy to do when you start feeling better.

Whenever I have horrible pain I always feel it was a miracle the pain went away. And, thank God, it's hard to remember how bad the pain was-you remember--it's like the pain of labor and childbirth-you know it was bad and you never forget that!

I hope your days ahead are better and better!

I totally get your point. In terms of treatment, this particular issue may no longer be in need, biut you may want to do advance planning. For example, how long should you try home treatment for a joint(s) that are inflamed. What is reasonable home treatment. If you have inflammation lasting longer than that period of time, what is next? Do you need to talk with your rheumy about stepping up treatment?

For something like si joint pain, is your doctor willing to write you a scrip for physical therapy? You didn’t mention what treatment you have been doing, or how long it takes to get in to see your rheumy, so I’m a bit in the dark. I know that for some, a typical wait, even for an urgent problem is well over a month. My rheumy will not deal with most problems over the phone, but will fit patients in within one to three days for something urgent. Would you go to your gp for some of these concerns?

Of course you weren’t imagining that! But I’m in Sybil’s camp: could this be the start of good things with Humira? When do you see your rheumatologist again?
Pursue treatment? Don’t even let the thought of discontinuing treatment cross your mind, because I’d be pretty sure that what just left will be baaaaaack if you quit. And then you will have to start all over again. Three more months. At least.
I knew within days that Enbrel was going to help, but it was a good three months before I could really say that there was significant improvement. After that, it was another six months at least before I felt that my condition was no longer changing. Stay the course, Frenchie. There may be more nice surprises for you down the road!

I stop Humira after my next injection in two weeks and start the Remicade..

I think I know where your SI pain went- it showed up at my house a couple of days ago, out of the blue, one moment to the next. Send me your mailing address and I'll be happy to ship it back to you!

I understand about things just going away. It makes me very hesitant to make an appointment for many problems, as, by the time the appointment rolls around, the problem may be long gone. What I'm finding with PsA, though, is that it often leaves a little calling card. A year or so ago my then-new rheumy sent me for x-rays of my SI joints, although they weren't particularly bothering me at that time. To my surprise the films showed significant damage, and we have all learned that x-rays are a crude tool. Just because it quit hurting it doesn't mean that all is suddenly well.

Were you looking at specific treatment for SI troubles, or systemic PsA treatment? Either one could still be helpful. As several others have said, you may be getting results from your Humira. Can you ask about staying the course for awhile?