Flares Twice a Month Almost on Cue. At Least I Can Now Plan Some Treats Ahead of Time! What Is Your Treat of Choice?

I am getting flare twice a month almost on schedule. I will mention it to my Rheumatologist on my next visit but in the mean time i have discovered some treats to help after I do my exercises or something similarly "good" for me. It helps keep me on track!

I made an appointment for a pedicure for after my water exercises. I will keep it up with pretty toes to look at is my rationalization!

I bought a dozen mini cup cakes. I allow myself one or two a day (ok maybe more) when I finish something I have been avoiding: my mtx shot, my yoga exercises and yes working for an hour in the basement earned me two!! :-)


I get what I call mini-flares twice a month and they come complete with migraine, painful joints and NO energy. I now know when I'm (possibly TMI) ovulating and getting my period. LOL This month, though, they weren't bad at all, so I'm hopeful that my increased Remi dose is smoothing things out a bit.

Eeek - sleepwalking/sleeptalking daughter needs assistance making it to the bathroom ...

Oh My! I think dealing with a sleepwalking/sleeptalking daughter has earned you 2 mini cupcakes!

LOL, Michael! I'll take 'em!

My five year old sleepwalks and talks, usually when she has to go to the bathroom at night. She's walking, talking, eyes open, but can't find the bathroom, so wanders around the house whining. Once we get her in the bathroom, she does everything as usual, then we need to point her back up the stairs and tell her to go to bed. This is a big improvement over our youngest son, who would try to leave the house (or hotel room!!!) in his sleep. We had to put bells on our doors because he'd unlock them in his sleep as well.

Angel food cake with fat free, sugar free whipped topping as my icing, and sliced strawberries that have sat in Splenda for an hour or so, arranged all over my cake. It’s like heaven. The calorie count isn’t too terrible and my gluten free tummy allows it when I make it with spelt flour. It is so nummy! This is my favorite treat under the sun.

I go with a girlfriend and get pedicures about once a month. I really look forward to that outing. We will often also do coffee or lunch and it makes me feel fabulous. Then, even if I'm stuck in bed and unshowered, I can look down at my sparkly toes (I like getting polish with glitter in it), and it makes me feel more positive and upbeat.