Flare :(

So I’ve never really experienced a flare that caused me to run fever. That is until now. :weary: I’m running fever of about 100. I feel horrible and I hate it.

I’ve had flares that cause fevers, but also felt like I was starting a flare only to find out a day or two later that I’m sick. It’s not a good feeling. How long now? Time to see your doctor?

I had a recurrent low grade fever for some months until starting meds. It was part of a horrible package: chills, uncontrollable shivering, severe fatigue, feeling like what Seenie calls ‘a bag of dirt’. I’ve not had such a major flare since.

100 is ‘low-grade’ I believe but you should perhaps see your doctor. I don’t know for sure how fevers fit into the overall picture but my rheumy’s reaction suggested that they’re a sign of a pretty nasty flare-up.

100 is generally not considered a fever when you are on PsA meds as your immune system is being somewhat surpressed. It seems like a fine line but 100.5 is when they start asking questions. A much bigger issue believe it or not is feeling like you are running a fever (all the symptoms and yuck are there) but when they take it, its normal.

Your rheumie understands this and the Primary often does not. I have learned a call to the Rheumie for Primary care questions is a great way to go. You can avoid a lot of grief. Primaries (and dentists) tend to throw broad range antibiotics at which can cause all manner of difficulties.

Some out of the ordinary inflammation will cause a rise in temperature, the best way to combat it is to really pound back the fluids. (see the thread on WBCs)

Don’t know if this applies to you too Groovyreba, but I generally have low body temperature, a degree or so below what the average range is meant to be. So would that mean an apparently low grade temperature is therefore actually more of a temperature than it seems??

I do as well. A temp of 99.5 is more like what others feel at 101. I usually run around 97.7.

Well, that’s interesting, because my temp has always been below normal but I didn’t realize then that when I felt unusually hot and “ill” my temp was around 99. I so felt like I had a fever but the thermometer said no.
And the horrible hot “flashes”–it’s confusing to think of them as “flashes” because that seems to be a word for a feeling of warmth that goes away quickly. Mine never just go away quickly–I have to find a cold place–cold shower, lower the temp in the house. I sweat profusely while I’m having a “hot flash”. I realize we typically don’t sweat during a fever, but sweating occurs when the fever breaks. Never understood if the terrible feeling of being hot and sweaty was linked to menopause or PsA–or maybe both?
It’s all so yucky. Blah. :weary:

Reread this. Why is it a bigger issue if you feel like you have a fever but dont. It seems that I have been running like 99 or a little more for some time but there are times I dont have any. I am just trying to figure this out like is this because my shot it due soon, I am starting to get sick, etc. with this Covid now I am on high alert… And I have gotten both shots 4 weeks ago.

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Because of the meds we take, we could be sick despite the lack of fever. Its worth contacting your rheumy (and I don’t mean the nurse, these days the nurse is often a float a dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to “our” issues. The other reason for that feeling is your meds could be out of wack and blood counts not right. (Always ask for a manual if they check) This is especially true with MTX. Also you need to consider your body is in high gear producing antibodies following your Covid shots. mRNA is a bit different as it takes a bit lomger to get started. That antibody production does make some folks feel the “yuck” Think of the folks who claim their flu shot gives them the flu - same thing. I was once told a lot of folks who feel sick but nothing really is definitive aren’t sick at all but rather are experiencing their bodies keeping them from getting sick. Somehow that morphed into the dreaded “you prolly just have a virus, if you aren’t better in a week…”

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Thanks for the response. I go for my physical on wednesday i will mention it to the doctor then and also contact rhyumy.


Was rereading this thread for I am four weeks out of my third shot and still feel like yuck. Does these shots take some time to get the antibodies kicking in? Of course I have phoned the doctor and my rhumey always refers me to my primary which makes me feel like a hamster on a wheel going around and around. Waiting for a call back now but when it will come who knows!

The expectation is that you will have a good antibody response and be sufficiently covered within three weeks of the second shot. I also got my third shot, as soon as it became available. It seems like your immune response in terms of negatives should be over within a few days.

I hate to agree, but I would definitely also encourage you to speak with your doctor.

All my blood work came back negative…nothing…i am so frustrated!

Heeeeeey, Rebel_mom. PsA101:
Normal blood work means NOTHING in this disease. (that’s a link)
Over fifty percent of PsA patients have normal inflammation markers in the middle of a flare. If you feel like you’re having a flare, you probably are.

I had a third covid shot two weeks ago. I was just fine. Until 24 hours later, and that thing hit me like a freight train. I felt the expected yukkiness and awful fatigue, and then a few days later, my feet got sore and I was stiff everywhere and my fingers joints ached. I think my immune system got so revved up that it provoked a flare. I got a bit of improvement for a few days after my Humira shot. But this week, I’m dragging myself around and achy again. And I’m tired of it.

With this disease, you have what you feel, whatever the numbers say. And I’m pretty sure I’m still flaring. So Rebel_mom, how are you feeling, nine days later?

It took me four weeks to feel better. Four long weeks…fatigue, achy and low grade fever. The doctors blamed the vaccine. Just taking it day to day!

OK, someone else I know who is very knowledgeable also blamed the vaccine. Four weeks. Seriously? Ughhh…still better than getting covid though!

So I am not pushing myself too hard. This too shall pass (says she with a grimace).

Knowing you’re not the only one going through something like this really does help, doesn’t it?

Take care. And I’ll try to be patient. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m avoiding my second shingrex vaccine because it apparently kicks like a mule!

Well, thank you all for reassurance me that I am not crazy or an over the top whimp,lol! After my third covid shot I felt terrible for a couple days and then decent for a couple days. Then everything started acting up again just like a flare and took a good 3 weeks or more to feel normal again. Of course normal is never normal for us with PSA but it has been a long time since I experienced brain fog. I had a kind reminder of what I was like before biologics and in the gap (humbling). I agree that I would imagine getting covid would be much worse but it is a crap shoot and I am not a gambler. I would still do it again!

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It sure does!
Taking it easy is my middle name!!!

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But shingles BITES, Amos.
I had shingrix, and had little or no reaction.