Fish oil supplements are blood thinners?!

Yesterday I got some blood drawn, and the phlebotomists asked if I was taking any of the following (and then rattled off a list of things that are blood thinners, like NSAID's, ginger, etc etc then at the end fish oil). I was astounded about fish oil supplements, and she said the research has come out in the past year, and she needs to keep remembering to add that onto the list she asks about.

Has anyone heard this too? It's starting to seem like EVERY anti-inflammatory med or supplement is a blood thinner. I already have a bleeding tendency, so I have to be careful. I just never thought fish oil (which I no longer take) would be one of them.

I hadn’t heard about that. Thanks for sharing this info.

I just googled it and if I am reading it correctly it depends on the type and brand of fish oil. Also it states that there could be an interaction if you are blood thinner medicine and you may have to adjust your dosage. As always though, you check with your health care professional!