Do coq10 and fish oil really help relieve my pain?

The past several days I've been feeling like "_hi_" and was getting really worried something is going wrong--like Enbrel isn't working as well anymore. Didn't even think maybe something else was going on. It wasn't much more than a week ago I was happy about how good I felt and I think I mentioned that in a discussion. So, I began thinking how sinister PsA can be--how it can suddenly and unexpectedly break through when your biologic has been working great, and you finally feel like the future isn't so grim.

I had run out of coq10 about a week ago and fish oil a couple days ago. There's a big sale on the brands I use at the grocery store, but twice I stopped to purchase them and they were out of stock. I finally purchased some today.

Now, I'm not 100% sure, but I'm hoping that missing those doses are what triggered the awful flare I've been having! That didn't dawn on me until I was swallowing the fish oil and coq10 capsules today!

I'll let you know if I start feeling better. Whether it's real or imagined, I don't really care--if I feel better over the next few days I'm almost certain those two "natural" remedies are doing something good!

P.S. I'm still taking turmeric, but I haven't taken it long enough to have results yet.

Hi Grandma J,

Well when I asked my rheumatologist if there were any supplements worth taking on top of my medications, he told me the only thing worth spending my money on were fish oils and he stressed omega 3 oils as opposed to ordinary cod liver. So I've been taking them ever since and I do think they give me and extra bit of oomph.

Here is a link to the arthritis research UK web site where they have been reviewed and given a top rating for rheumatoid arthritis in a complementary medicines review.

Thanks, Ali! My rheumatologist also had good things to say about coq10 as well as fish oil, but he may have been referring to its benefits with reducing high cholesterol and high blood pressure. And, after I started this discussion, I remembered something else--my bp was elevated (159/94) when I went in for the MRI. I wasn't nervous about the MRI and I don't have "white coat syndrome".

I just realized coq10 has probably been playing a big part in keeping my bp normal, because it's always been normal while on amlodipine and coq10! I'm now wondering if not taking coq10 for several days prior to that bp reading was the reason my bp was elevated!