Are there any good news stories out there?

Is there anyone out there in PsA land that has a relatively pain free/fatigue free life after suffering a flare up? Will this thing go into remission and, well, stay there? If so, a) what did you do b) what meds are you on??

I don’t think I’m in remission, but the meds are finally working. I’m relatively pain free 5 months after starting meds. I’m on Simponi injections once a month, methotrexate (6 pills) once a week, and a bunch of supplements (folic acid, fish oil, vitamin d), with Celebrex and Tylenol as needed. I still have some fatigue, but I think it’s mostly from the methotrexate; and I’m finally able to get back to the gym, take my dogs for walks, and ready to begin family bike rides soon. Hoping it lasts a long time.


I've been on Simponi for 10 months. I am relatively pain free. I can move, I have less fatigue. I am beginnig to catch up with my housework - although that is an ongoing projcet! I do not take anything else apart from paracetamol when needed. I also take supplements, fish oil, Vit D, calcium. I consider myself lucky that I have finally found something that works after a flare about 5 years ago that put me in hospital.

There is good news I think.

For what it is worth, I went to the rheumy yesterday and found my SAID rates were down and I am having little pain as of late. Sulfasalazine is working for me but I know it doesn't work for everyone. I still have numb feet but that may be something other than PsA so that is the next thing to conquer.

My good news for the rheumy appt on thursday she actually told me that what I was saying to her made total sense and was all right in line with an autoimmune disease. WOW! I was elated to be told this and not have someone just act like I was wasting their time. I think this constitutes good news for me at least.

I certainly can't say my meds are working...I am on sulfasalazine for 10 weeks now and I would say I am definitely worse. I have celebrex for pain but cannot take it regularily because of a previous ulcer. I am, however, somewhat hopeful after reading about CJCB and Louise's success with Simponi......I don't know how many other med's they had to try before they got there, but I am really happy for them....wish it were me :(

I have good news and great news.

The good news is that I've been on Enbrel since December and now have increased range of motion, increased energy, and less joint pain. I still have pain from the joint fusions due to arthritis and spondylitis, and that can get intense at times, but that's going to be life for me from now on, so I try not to worry too much about it.

The great news is that no matter the pain or fatigue I'm experiencing, I have a much more positive outlook than I did a year ago when I was diagnosed, so even when I'm feeling horribly physically, I'm still doing ok.

Humira has helped me get my life back somewhat. After this last flare caused by 2 infectons and missing 3 shots I can definitly say humira is working. I forgot how bad the pain can be. I only know of one person on another site that has gone into remission and is off meds. She has been that way for about 2 years or so. So there is hope for remission but I do think it is elusive for most of us.

I am on humira 40mg injectable every 2 weeks, MTX 25mg injectable every week, I just had a 80mg shot of kenalog to help the humira along and to get flare under control, and I take round the clock tylenol . The last couple of days I have only taken the tylenol at night thankyou kenalog! Plus I have hi BP and have been suffering with anxiety so take a pill for that and take Trazadone 50mg to sleep at night! And assorted vitamins. The list is endless considering 4 years ago I took Ibprofen occaisionally and a multi vitamin. Whateverworks!