Feeling better

Well I had my first dose of methotrexate on friday and started on diclofenac. I have to say Iam feeling so much better.I had no problem with my meds at all so no horror story to tell. I know it was only my first dose but I can see a change on my hands the skin has started to clear up so happy. So I know there are better days to come.

Gee, golly … no horror story? :frowning: LOL, that’s great! The truth is that a lot of people tolerate mtx just fine, and some find that it does help. So far so good!
I take diclofenac too, have for years. It works really well for me. When you have a reduction of your pain, you can get on with life, and do things that make you feel better. And when you are active and you feel better, you have less pain too. It’s the kind of vicious circle that we love to get into!

Iam so glad that I found this web site. It has helped my so much.

We’re glad you found us too. It helps all of us when we support each other.