Feeling Better and A very Important question

Hi Friends,

As some of you may recall, I was diagnosed at end of March. My doctor started me on MTX (started with 20 mg once a week, now to 20 mg total with 10 mg dosages on same day in morning and evening) along with other medication, out of which he has reduced Zempred to 25% of original dosage. I have been feeling good with still some pain though but I can live with this pain level, I believe.

Things that have worked for me are:

1. Never missing even a single dosage so far (mostly at same time during the day and same times on day of MTX).

2. Lots and lots of Walking, I started with 5 mins of walking a day to 1 hour every day. Just to test myself, did a 2 day trek last week where I walked 30 miles in Indian Himalayas. I have always been into trekking and that was the most painful thing to realize that I may not be able to do it ever again but with in 3 months of starting treatment, I was able to do a mild trek, which has helped my mind to relax.

3. Curd and raw onion gave me backaches, so once I stopped them, backache has gone down.

4. Limiting my alcohol intake to only once a week, that too just couple of Beer. Although I am not sure that it was helpful :)

The major pain that is still bothering me is in both elbows, and my doctor says that it is Golfers elbow, he has pointed out that it can be injected, but I am resisting that so far, doing some simple muscle building exercises and hoping that pain will reduce with time.

I would like to add that my Rheumy has been very helpful and l like him a lot. I am not sure but hot weather may have helped as well, as for past month, temperatures (here in India) here have been above 100F during the day.

Now the most important question, I have a GF but I am not yet sure whether I should go ahead and take the next step in the relationship i.e. getting engaged. I am not yet convinced whether I should do this, because I don't want to be dependent on her, if and when the relapse happens. I still remember the 6 months before I was diagnosed, they were just too painful. Any suggestions/comments are welcome. Just to add, I have told my GF about the PsA and she is fine with it.



Well, I guess I would ask her......

Then decide

You will get one of few answers:

-A version of "lets be friends and see where it takes us" (dump her) or isn't what have now enough? (dump her)

-It makes no difference (be suspicious)

-Or she slaps you for even asking (marry her tomorrow, shes a keeper)

Keep in mind it is VERY unlikley that you will ever be dependent on her (especially with the response you have had to treatment already) but that doesn't mean there won't be rough patches (any marriage has them) or having a flare (we all do that, the first after treatment is working will be almost devestating)

In sickness and in health...

No one goes into any marriage without some kind of baggage that they take with them. Yours happens to be PsA. I would be sure she understands the illness and what may come with it. Maybe take her to a visit with your rheumy?

PsA takes so much away from us. Don't let it take away your chance for a happy marriage, too!

My goodness, the himalayas? Good for you for going!!!!! I have only seen photos, and they were beautiful enough, I can't imagine the impact in person! You weren't afraid to go, yet you seem afraid to ask her to marry you? How sweet! We found out my husband had prostate cancer 10 days before the wedding... he is still my husband, and getting rid of that cancer was far easier than getting rid of the PsA. It may come back, and we'll fight it again. Being married is all about who you agree to go through these things with, not if they happen. They always happen in one way or another. Be as well as you can and as happy as you can, I think she will agree to the asking! Best to you, VJ!

Hi VJ! I'm so glad that you're doing better. What great news! It's encouraging to hear of cases where people have improved rather than gotten worse. And your suggestions are appreciated. ANYTHING that helps is fantastic.

I think you need to have a REALLY good talk with your GF and tell her that it's possible that you might eventually only be able to work pt and be limited in what you can do. But also tell her it's not written in stone. If she's really comfortable knowing of your potential limitations, then why not get engaged? People with terminal cancer get engaged. It all depends upon what you two are comfortable with.

Best of luck to you and keep us posted!