Eye problems and mtx / psa?

Have been having problems w eyes, one of them red and inflamed, other w flecks in vision at times. Anyone else?

Hello Letizia.

I’ve been wondering about my eyes recently. Starting last year, I’ve had times when my vision seems cloudy, it tends to be worse in the afternoon. I particularly notice it in supermarkets - a familiar environment in which the lighting is always the same and I usually know exactly when I will and won’t need to put my specs on, but there have been times when I’ve needed them for everything, it’s disorientating.

It has started again recently, just a week or so after a thorough eye test which showed my vision had deteriorated slightly, as per usual, but no real issues. Again, afternoon cloudiness and a feeling of straining to see everything.

I’ve been told I have dry eye in the past, perhaps that’s all it is with me as there’s no redness. I think you should get checked to see if this is uveitis which is uncommon in the general population but more likely with PsA. I read up on it in a half-hearted ‘not another bloomin’ thing’ sort of way and I gather redness and itchiness aren’t always present.

I’ll be very interested to see what others say but yep, I think in your case, with obvious signs of inflammation, you need to act promptly.

P.S. going by your title I guess you’re wondering if Mtx is in the frame. I doubt it. I’ve been taking it since 2012 without any eye probs till recently, other than the aforementioned age-related slow deterioration.

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I would encourage you to be seen by your eye doctor as soon as possible. There are so many possibilities, none of them med related. The trend could have a lot of sources, anything from conjunctivitis to uveitis. And they’re all treated differently. The specks in your vision could just be floaters, but if it’s a sudden and drastic change it could be a retinal detachment.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not clear what the severity of any of this is. But your eyes are important, and you should get them checked out. It’s probably super manageable but still needs to be investigated.

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I’ve had several bouts of uveitis. It is linked. I would see an eye doctor. The eye drops they prescribe have worked well every time.

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I keep reading that eye problems are part of PsA. I’m almost more worried about eye issues than joint pain, it seems like it would be so much harder to adapt to a serious loss of vision.

I’ve had eye problems that needed antihistamines and ones that needed steroids. I hope you can see the doctor and get it figured out!

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I get blurred vision, like just yesterday, it comes on with brain fog. I was treated for dry eyes, I take Restasis, and a topical antibiotic in my eyes every night. My Rheumy diagnosed me with secondary Sjogren’s, but I did not get a biopsy to confirm, just treating the symptoms; dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin…

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