Extreme stress starting a flare? =(

I am usually really good at handling stress and tend to take things in stride. It seems like it’s one thing after another lately before the first stressor is even finished. I haven’t been sleeping well, my stomach has been upset and now I’m starting to flare!

Unfortunately the stresses are things I can’t control. (being audited, mother’s mammogram found something, daughter is having some health issues, and Xmas is in three weeks!).

Is all the stress causing the flare? I’m now sore and exhausted and dreading having to deal with anyone!!

Sorry…I’m whining… I am just so tired I could cry!

Stress is absolutely the trigger with me. I used to suffer from ‘stress’ in the more traditional manner - emotional, psychological symptoms etc. ironically, since I learned to manage stress of work and life in general a bit better, it seems to have manifested itself in the form of flares. Very strange. All my flares are around significant life events. Or perhaps my life is just stressful and I can always link a flare to something?!?! I think it is more than coincidence though as I have woken up the morning after a major stressful incident with inflammation and pain in a new joint.

I empathise. Life is difficult enough - add a flare on top and it becomes tougher still… More stress! Looking forward to mtx kicking in, getting off pred and seeing flares become more infrequent. I live in hope!!!