Evusheld - has anyone had it yet

Hi - My doctor is suggesting I take the emergency use authorized Evusheld which is two does of antimicrobal antibodies to help prevent COVID. It is for folks who are immunocompromised. Has anyone had this vaccine yet? It is given in the buttocks. It is supposed to help prevent getting COVID even with exposure (although not a sub for vaccines and masking). I’m a bit nervous, but I guess someone has to help get these therapies out there. My PsA is not in control right now which makes COVID complications very dangerous. Ugh…don’t know what to do!

Evusheld is approved in Canada for any immunocompromised people but I don’t know anyone who has had it. Some of these things are very personal decisions as we all process risks and benefits differently. It is highly likely that all of us have little to no residual benefit from the first 3 Covid vaccinations and I for one won’t get the fourth dose until it is “tweaked” to address the current virus at hand. With that in mind, if you have good faith in your doctor and might gain from the Evusheld, the added peace of mind might be what you need. All of us are somewhat guinea pigs with the new drugs available and none of us want to live with regret having made one decision or another that will only be proven with time. I always find it better to make a decision from the platform of peace rather than from anxiety. I hope you get your PsA under control!

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I went ahead and got my 4th dose because I had to switch meds anyway and now they are suggesting that you hold your suppression meds for 2 weeks after a vaccine. I didn’t do that for my first 3 doses because they are learning as they go.
It was my general doc who suggested so I have a question in to my RA doc and am waiting to hear back.
Decisions…decisions. I’ll let you all know what I find out!

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I’ve had 4 Covid vaccines of the Pfizer variety. The last one in February this year. In June I tested positive for Covid for the very first time. I got zero symptoms other than a blocked nose for a day or two. I never felt at all ill for the 10 days I kept testing positive. So other than not going anywhere, I worked from home as normal.

On talking to a few doctors about it they said they are seeing more people like me have no illness given I had the 4th vaccine.

I had spent the weekend before testing positive with my cousin who was only ever offered 3 vaccines.We’re both the same age as in 60. She was very ill for that entire 10 day period she tested positive and she was off work for all of it.

All over 50’s and us lot are being offered a 5th vaccine come September in the UK and I’ll be at the top of the queue. I don’t believe they’ll be tweaked for variants either.

I can’t tell you how terrified I was to test positive having avoided it for so long so the relief of not being ill at all was incredible frankly. I do credit that to having 4 vaccines. They weren’t tweaked for the present Covid strains either. But they certainly prevented serious illness as promised. I’m good with that and so very, very grateful.

One of my doctors had suggested evusheld. When I spoke to my rheumatologist about it she recommended against it. Instead she told me that if I test positive (again) that she’ll prescribe me the antiviral.

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Did your doctor say why she recommended against it?

So glad you had such a mild reaction. It seems to be such a gamble…some people are fine, some get really sick. Glad you are better!

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Personal testimony is always helpful @Poo_therapy, glad it’s worked out for you! There is still so much mystery to the virus and the vaccinations. I have had conversations with credible people with equal qualifications on opposite sides of the vaccination topic. I’ve been triple vaxed, had no side effects and don’t know if I have anti-bodies or not. I don’t think that I have had Covid and have not been sick in 3 years. But neither have some of my friends who refuse to get the jab. As time goes on, science will be able to look back and have more answers regarding so much of all this. Those of us on anti-inflammatory medications throw another mystery into the issue and we all respond very personally to the meds. Talk here in Canada is that a tweaked vaccine is in process and efforts are being made towards combining a covid vaccine with the annual flu vaccine. Our current health officials are suggesting delaying getting the 4th jab at this time as it will delay eligibility for the new improved vaccine coming up. Time will tell.

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Yes. She basically felt that with the risk of side effects and the unclear benefits that it was better to treat with antivirals than to use the preventative

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Thank you for sharing.